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removed duplicated entry

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......@@ -679,17 +679,6 @@
url = {},
author = {Felt, Adrienne Porter and Ha, Elizabeth and Egelman, Serge and Haney, Ariel and Chin, Erika and Wagner, David},
title = {Android Permissions: User Attention, Comprehension, and Behavior},
crossref = "SOUPS2012",
isbn = {978-1-4503-1532-6},
pages = {3:1--3:14},
numpages = {14},
doi = {10.1145/2335356.2335360},
keywords = {Android, mobile phones, smartphones, usable security},
author = {Ren, Jingjing and Lindorfer, Martina and Dubois,
Daniel J. and Rao, Ashwin and Choffnes, David and
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