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    [FAB-3453] cryptogen: generate tls artifacts · 0d8c255d
    Gregory Haskins authored
    This patch structures the cryptogen output in a way that
    makes it more directly consumable.  The output for each
    node looks like:
    └── peer4.org1
        ├── msp
        │   ├── admincerts
        │   │   └── Admin@org1-cert.pem
        │   ├── cacerts
        │   │   └── org1-cert.pem
        │   ├── keystore
        │   │   └── 0aa7a89070ce8322a4dc3fac2206fa8313b88fb625c70963934714d4129d2897_sk
        │   └── signcerts
        │       └── peer4.org1-cert.pem
        └── tls
            ├── ca.crt
            ├── server.crt
            └── server.key
    The notable differences are that we push the msp content down under ./msp, and we
    add the ./tls directory.  The crypto material under tls is simply duplicated
    content from the MSP, as appropriate, to present a consistent layout for
    consumption by the TLS layer.  We also update the default paths in the config
    to be consistent with this layout.
    Fixes FAB-3453
    Change-Id: I8e149035b92a4758d6c87c03306c08b82687683f
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGregory Haskins <>