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    Detect phantom items during validation · 16372176
    manish authored
    Phantom reads problem:
    If a transaction executes a key range query (say key_1 - key_n) leveldb
    serves all the keys in the given range in sorted order of keys.
    Between simulation and validation of a transaction, some other transaction
    may insert one or more keys in this range. Now, this change cannot
    be detected by merely checking the versions of the keys present in
    the read-set of the transaction.
    (though, this check can detect updates and deletes).
    A serializable isolation level does not permit phantom reads.
    Situations where the phantom reads may not be acceptable:
     - A chaincode may take a decision based on aggregates of the results of
    the range query such as min/max/avg/sum etc. This would be affected
    if a new entry gets added to the range query results.
     - A chaincode may want to change all the marbles
    owned by a specific user to blue in a tran `t1`. The chaincode may do so
    by performing a range query to get all the marbles for the user and
    change their color to blue. Now, if a new white marble get added to
    the user's assets by an another transaction `t2`,
    `t1` should be marked as invalid.
    Solution in this change-set:
    For solving this, we can capture the details of the range query
    (the query and it's results) during the simulation time and
    re-execute the query during validation time and compare the results.
    If the results (keys and versions) are still the same,
    we can safely commit the transaction.
    This changes set introduces
     - Structures for capturing the range query details in rwset
     - Detection of phantom items (insertion/deletion)
       that affect the results of the range query during validation
     - Mark the transactions that are affected by the phantom items
       as invalid to ensure serializability in the presence of range queries
    Change-Id: I909841a0234c37795ad7a4ffcca8a9ebd9c9f994
    Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <manish.sethi@gmail.com>