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    [FAB-2714] Enable peer to start with TLS enabled · 1f49bfb0
    Gari Singh authored
    Prior to this change, the peer did not honor the TLS
    setting in core.yaml.  With this change, the peer will
    now read the peer.tls.* settings to determine whether or
    not to start the main peer server with TLS enabled.
    This following changes were made:
    - core/comm/testdata/certs/generate.go - needed to
    add usage extension to be able to use server certs as
    client certs
    - core/peer/peer.go - added package scoped peerServer variable in
    order to support dynamic updates from config transactions
    - peer/node/start.go - loads TLS config and calls function in
    core/peer package in order to create the peer server
    The tests do include a test for mutual (client) TLS
    authentication, but this is not yet enabled for the peer
    on start up
    Change-Id: I9a6d19b928c36b7500d004a57b7d76e40bb18fd9
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <gari.r.singh@gmail.com>