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    [FAB-13750] Detect eviction from channel and halt · 23a6eed3
    yacovm authored
    This change set adds logic in the etcdraft chain that detects
    that the node is evicted from the channel, even if it was
    disconnected from the cluster while it was evicted.
    If a node fails sending to other nodes a consensus message,
    it starts suspecting that something is amiss.
    It then tries to pull the latest config block, and see
    if it is in the channel or not.
    If it is not, it:
    1) Halts the chain
    2) Pulls all blocks until the block that evicts
       the node.
    Change-Id: Ic3526d834fbef515119bb899fe62d30fdcf53267
    Signed-off-by: default avataryacovm <>