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    FAB-14593 Refine etcdraft parameters · 2a4e15e9
    Jay Guo authored
    - MaxInflightMsgs is internal to etcd/raft and should be exposed
    to users with a more appropriate name: MaxInflightBlocks
    - MaxSizePerMsg is also internal to etcd/raft, and it's defaulted
    to PreferredMaxBytes in BatchSize, so that if a big block is created,
    it is sent in a its own etcd/raft message, instead of being batched
    with other blocks. This parameter takes effect when a batch of entries
    is sent to lagged node. During normal replication, each block is
    sent in its own message.
      It's not necessary to expose this config option to users.
    - SnapInterval is renamed to SnapshotIntervalSize
    FAB-14593 #done
    Change-Id: Icaf2848a41c5f0f0a02f4b0b4a80ba852fddd584
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJay Guo <>