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    [FAB-3131] Peer hangs when CouchDB unresponsive · 2e0a61f6
    Chris Elder authored
    The peer hangs when the CouchDB network connection is unresponsive.
    This can be corrected by adding a timeout to the network client
    connection used for connecting to CouchDB.  If the connection
    times out, then the request to CouchDB will return an error and
    the retry logic will take over.
    A new entry is added for CouchDB in core.yaml named connectionTimeout
       # Number of retries for CouchDB errors
       maxRetries: 3
       # Number of retries for CouchDB errors during peer startup
       maxRetriesOnStartup: 10
       # CouchDB connection timeout (unit: duration, e.g. 60s)
       connectionTimeout: 60s
    This is a duration property configurable by the peer.
    Change-Id: I5028029e7f303144465c2bfeebf540c5d8e64d82
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Elder <>