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    [FAB-3259] Make cryptogen output more flexible · 2ec150d4
    Gregory Haskins authored
    This patch enhances the cryptogen tool by providing a more
    flexible configuration and output operation, based on a
    YAML config file and golang templates.
    Summary of changes:
    *) Tool now has two subcommands
       *) "generate" - This takes the role of the previous top-level
                       command.  It gets rid of almost all of the
                       previous command-line switches and replaces them
           -output: specify the output directory.  defaults to
           -config: specify the input configuration file.  defaults to
                    a configuration similar to before (1 orderer, 2 peer
                    orgs, 1 peer/org
       *) "showtemplate" - Prints the built-in default template to
                           standard out, suitble for saving/editing
                           for future "generate" sessions.
    *) CommonName outputs are now much more DNS friendly.  For example: we
       now use "" in favor of "peerOrg1Peer3".  Users also gain
       total control over the generation of the CommonNames with various
       templating facilities. See "cryptogen showtemplate" for more details.
    Change-Id: I5968a794d4469ada8d3b90e112bdfe93e77c9661
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGregory Haskins <>