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    FAB-10976 Move lifecycle to its own package · 305c5ad9
    Jason Yellick authored
    Because of some errors with cyclical imports for the chaincode package
    tests which are not written as _test packages, we need to define a
    structure to represent a chaincode which is not the
    ChaincodeDeploymentSpec but which is also not inside of the chaincode
    package.  Defining this in the lifecycle portion makes sense, so as a
    prerequisite, moving lifecycle from the chaincode package, to a
    subpackage called lifecycle.
    Note: This introduces some stuttering, that will be remedied in a later
    Change-Id: I8883b9fc39d7b23d42ba6df31389e5a9df248457
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Yellick <>