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    [FAB-3201] Fix many of the broken links in the doc · 347899ef
    Arnaud J Le Hors authored
    This change fixes most broken links.
    Commit #1 and #2
    Fixes several broken links.
    Commit #3
    Remove note linking to document that no longer exists in reponse to Tracy's
    Commit #4
    Do the above for good.
    Commit #5 and #6
    Fixes many of the remaining broken links, based on the w3c and xenu link
    Before this change, with Xenu we have:
    25 broken link(s) reported
    3 bad local link(s) reported
    After this change, we have:
    4 broken link(s) reported
    0 bad local link(s) reported
    Commit #7
    Fixes Tracy's comments on latest commit.
    Change-Id: I57d942c19f0904548fc6298408c459940c5d33a8
    Signed-off-by: default avatarArnaud J Le Hors <>
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