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    [FAB-13805] Unify Step and Submit into a stream · 38c1515c
    yacovm authored
    This change set removes Step RPC from the cluster protobuf,
    and renames Submit stream to a Step stream, and makes both
    transaction forwarding and consensus messages use the
    new Step stream.
    It also makes both egress Send() and Recv(), have a maximum
    timeout (the RPC timeout in the config).
    A Send or Recv that is used to send a consensus message,
    or send (receive) a transaction (status) will now abort prematurely
    in order to protect against any liveness issue on the remote node,
    and also to return an answer to clients within a timely manner.
    Change-Id: Id942b248212f5c324e12af34fce48f96fdbb6aea
    Signed-off-by: default avataryacovm <>