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    Ledger-lscc: Interface for decoupling ledger and lscc · 3d3b4a77
    manish authored
    This CR
    - Introduces an interface 'DeployedChaincodeInfoProvider'
    for decoupling the ledger code from chaincode lifecycle code
    - Declares ledger's dependency on this interface explicitly.
    The intent is that ledger code will use this dependency for
    listening to chaincode lifecycle events and for querying
    the information about the deployed chaicodes
    - Introduces a convenient function in legder that other modules
    can use directly to get information about the chaincodes
    FAB-11562 #done
    Change-Id: I3eb0e798f00ceb18203128fd9da93822fc2bca2b
    Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <>