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    [FAB-3368] Zero length CouchDB attachment delays · 46f52deb
    Chris Elder authored
    CouchDB attachments with zero length causes CouchDB to return
    successfully but the connection is not available for future
    connections.  This is a bug identified in CouchDB.
    Zero length attachments are valid.  When an empty byte array
    is saved, CouchDB stores the value as a zero length attachment.
    The next subsequent client request over the same connection times
    out reading headers from server.
    This is the CouchDB JIRA item for tracking purposes.
    The fix in this change checks to see if the attachment in
    SaveDoc is zero length.  If the attachment is zero length,
    then request close value is set to true.  This setting will
    not allow the http connection to be reused and will prevent
    connection timeouts.
    Change-Id: I1a1a33c44a3b96dfd2bffaf1cec5fe9ece084817
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Elder <chris.elder@us.ibm.com>