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    Use ccenv docker image rather than baseimage · 79b70e41
    Gregory Haskins authored
    We want baseimage to only be used as a mechanism to assist
    the build, not referenced at runtime.  Therefore, we
    convert most instances of "baseimage" to use "ccenv"
    (chaincode environment) since this is what they really want
    Note 1: A few instances (such as the UTXO example) did not have
    an obvious solution so I left those to be sorted out by
    the respective subsystem owners.
    Note 2: The GOLANG chaincode type is currently a little suboptimal
    in that the fabric-ccenv image loads the full fabric.git src
    at build time and then the runtime re-injects it.  In the future
    the build will only inject the golang shim and the runtime will
    only inject the chaincode.  For now, this is somewhat inefficient
    but ultimately still results in correct behavior.
    Change-Id: I7f025bfff147fcca0f29f1656c7f63adc7a17173
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGreg Haskins <gregory.haskins@gmail.com>