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    [FAB-8660] Operations and PeerSupport interfaces · 580d091a
    Matthew Sykes authored
    This introduces an interface that represents the currently exported
    functions of the peer. An instance of the interface is created during
    package initialization which delegates to the existing functions.
    - References to the peer functions in endorser.Support are replaced with a
      reference to the peer singleton.
    - CreatePeerServer is renamed to the more idiomatic NewPeerServer as it
      is a constructor
    - PeerSupportFactory is removed and an instance of PeerSupport is
      provided to endorser.SupportImpl and scc.ProviderFactory
    Change-Id: I07ae90092be8349bed60686f7b04a5b9ab02382a
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Sykes <>