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    [FAB-6227] custom processor for resource configs · 67746c36
    manish authored
    This CR introduces a custom transaction processor that processes
    resource config update transactions. Ledger invokes this processor
    for transactions of type CONFIG, and PEER_RESOURCE_UPDATE
    during the validation and commit phase of a block processing.
    For CONFIG, this simply stores the config in the statedb.
    For PEER_RESOURCE_UPDATE - In a normal course, this validates the transaction
    against the current resource bundle, computes the full configuration, and
    stores the full configuration if the transaction is found valid.
    However, during initialization of ledger (i.e., either the ledger is being
    created from the genesis block or the ledger is synching the state with the
    blockchain during start up - possibly prommpted by a peer crash last time),
    the full config is computed using the most recent configs from statedb, if found.
    Change-Id: Ia18432e8cede18d378b820c13019acc2995197a4
    Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <manish.sethi@gmail.com>