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    recon: commit only validTx's pvtData in pvtStore · 7105f8bb
    senthil authored
    Currently, gossip constructs pvtData only for validTx
    as per VSCC. Hence, we are not storing all pvtData of
    a block.
    In the ledger, currently, we are storing pvtData of
    invalidTx (i.e., failed MVCC checks) too. To be
    consistent, this CR can stores the pvtData of only
    validTx (as per MVCC check).
    FAB-11805 #done
    Change-Id: Ic4b228cade0456bc1ddc4ab80595e9e82d7aaa25
    Signed-off-by: default avatarsenthil <cendhu@gmail.com>