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    Use proto messages for Read-write set · 7d553a69
    manish authored
    This CR:
    - Introduces proto messages
    - Removes custom types for read-write set in package kvledger/txmgmt/rwset
    - Renames the package kvledger/txmgmt/rwset to kvledger/txmgmt/rwsetutil
      and rwset.go to rwset_builder_test.go in order to reflect the purpose
      of the remaining code better
    - Modifies the other packages to use rwset from protos
      and utilities from rwsetutil package
    Change-Id: Id01be87903ad30f0eea34ef4033195b17bec3e71
    Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <manish.sethi@gmail.com>
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