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    [FAB-5654] SideDB - Tx simulation/validation/commit · 8a87b8ae
    manish authored
    This CR modifies the tranaction simulation, validation, and commit
    code and delivers the end-to-end transaction flow that treats the
    private data in a special manner. This CR mainly leverages the earlier
    submitted independent CRs for sidedb feature for accomplishing this behavior.
    This CR also allows ledger to receive the blocks and the pvt data from
    another peer on the same channel (i.e., a peer catching up via state)
    This CR is exceptionally large becasue of manily two reasons
    1) The way currently the code (and specially the tests) is organized in
    simulation/validation/commit flow, its not easy to submit such kind
    of changes independently that cuase the change in the whole transaction
    processing flow.
    2) This CR causes a change in the existing ledger APIs which are used widely
    across other packages (specially in the tests) and hence many files are included
    for fixing the broken dependencies
    Change-Id: Id29575176575f4c01793efd3476b68f8364cb592
    Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <manish.sethi@gmail.com>
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