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    SingleLevelDB for block index · 8cdd0f4d
    manish authored
    This changeset:
    - Renames package ledger/util/db to ledger/util/leveldbhelper
    - Implements a leveldb provider
      (that enables using same leveldb instance as a multiple logical dbs)
      in util package for being able to reuse across statedb, index,
      and later for historydb
    - Implements a provider as a single point of invocation
      for managing multiple block storage
    - Uses a single leveldb instance for block storage index
    - Makes the structures other than providers as private
      to their respective packages
    Change-Id: I5f0b3b9aa8ef3ac1ccdce4f3c6fa6d842b5318c1
    Signed-off-by: default avatarmanish <>