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    [FAB-9131] wire zap based fabric logger · 97215fa6
    Matthew Sykes authored
    Replace go-logging with a zap based implementation. The implementation
    is mostly compatible with the legacy format but differs in a two key
    1. CRITICAL and NOTICE log levels no longer exist. Calls to Critical get
       mapped to error and NOTICE gets mapped to INFO. The methods
       associated with these levels will be removed in a future CR.
    2. The log level constants are now sourced from the zap/zapcore packages.
       These values are incompatible wit the go-logging constants. Please be
       sure to use the appropriate constant when necessary.
    The existing go-logging package is still used by the chaincode shim to
    reduce the risk of negatively impacting legacy chaincode.
    Change-Id: Iaf5fac807244883a8285892ccd350c5256959782
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMatthew Sykes <>