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    FAB-14618 Store only nodeIDs in metadata · 9a124d65
    Jason Yellick authored
    Presently, the block metadata encodes the TLS certificates of all of the
    Raft consenters in the system for each block.  Because these TLS certs
    are non-trivial in size, and there may be a large set of consenters,
    this actually creates a significant amount of waste on the filesystem.
    As a small optimization, this CR modifies the block metadata to only
    store the nodeIDs instead of the full set of consenter info.  It then
    correlates the consenter slice found in the channel config data with
    this slice of nodeIDs to build a mapping between the two (which was
    previously persisted).
    Change-Id: Iaa66dacbcc48a041318c8a718099a873b9626240
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Yellick <>