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    [FAB-7779] CouchDB indexes for private data · 9a3b1811
    Chris Elder authored
    Any couchdb indexes defined for a chaincode will be deployed in
    the chaincode state database.  Indexes for collections of private
    data should be applied in the chaincode's collection state database
    rather than in the chaincode state database.
    Added support for HandleChaincodeDeploy event to common_storage_db.  This
    will now process the event from chain code deploy.  The move was necessary
    for handling the private data namespace mapping.
    Added new function to statecouchdb for processing index creation.
    Added new interface to statedb for IndexCapable.  This allows the
    common_storage_db to detect that the state database will accept index
    creation events.
    Updated index validation to allow for indexes under collections directories.
    Change-Id: Icfda923c584d953ce5886023f7411bbddb59d595
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Elder <>