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    [FAB-2052] Finish ledger API GetHistoryForKey() · 9d90fdf6
    denyeart authored
    Finish the implementation for ledger API GetHistoryForKey().
    Lookup the history of key updates by blockNum:tranNum.
    For each history record, retrieve the txID and key value
    from block storage. This requires passing a block storage handle
    into the history query executor, and exposing the block storage
    test environment to other packages. Historic txID and key value
    is returned to client to enable simple provenance scenarios.
    Added tests for GetHistoryForKey() including recovery scenarios.
    One test required a fix to block storage syncIndex().
    Also tested end-to-end with peer.
    Change-Id: I988130e9682f5d8d707c4ec37753bc0e7e297269
    Signed-off-by: default avatardenyeart <enyeart@us.ibm.com>
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