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    FAB-1505 and FAB-1337 Refactor CouchDB code · 9df7b0ea
    denyeart authored
    FAB-1505 refactors CouchDB code to be aligned with LevelDB structure.
    FAB-1337 applies all ledger tests written for LevelDB against CouchDB.
    In order to test the CouchDB refactor,
    had to implement FAB-1337 in same changeset to test.
    Like most refactors, this changeset touches a lot of files and code,
    since it is not feasible to do a partial refactor.
    Tests related to versioning and deleting have been commented out,
    these will be re-enabled in subsequent changeset when CouchDB
    has the support, in order to keep this changeset size more reasonable.
    Change-Id: I0d2d6cca89bd0252f6e84317457a9140b3a0d7a5
    Signed-off-by: default avatardenyeart <>