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    [FAB-6938] Cannot create CouchDB database for channel · c0b6e8cd
    Chris Elder authored
    In there was a post about an error:
    when i am running join peer request some times it's giving
    Error:file_exists, Status Code:412, Reason:The database could
    not be created, the file already exists
    I believe this can happen if peer is retrying a create database
    request against CouchDB.  A prior attempt to create database came
    back as a timeout failure to peer, but in the meantime the database
    got created in CouchDB.  The next retry would get the error above.
    This scenario should be handled in peer code.
    Change-Id: I01ecd3a5fde8a9042f6a18181376dec267d0cc15
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Elder <>