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    FAB-437 bare-minimum, end to end skeleton using solo · d632e74a
    Srinivasan Muralidharan authored
    The main purpose of this checking
      . show commit followed by simulation in action
      . users can get a feel for the flow of the protocol across
        the different legs of the end-end path
      . identify key areas for attention (esp. grep for
    "deploy and "invoke" Chaincode commands from CLI will also
    convert a successful proposal response into a transaction
    and send it to the Orderer (if configured in core.yaml).
    "query" is removed from CLI. Invoke can also return values
    now in ProposalResponse.Response.Payload.
    REST calls should not be affected and should work with
    old ledger.
    See core.yaml for default orderer setup.
    This also introduces a stop-gap "committer" whose only
    task is to commit blocks from the orderer.
    To test :
    1. Terminal 1 - run the "solo" orderer
       cd fabric/orderer
       go build
    2. Terminal 2 - run the peer
       peer node start 1>/tmp/peer.out 2>&1
    3. Terminal 3 - deploy and invoke take usual params
       peer chaincode deploy ... 1>/tmp/out 2>&1
       peer chaincode invoke ... 1>/tmp/out 2>&1
    /tmp/peer.out and /tmp/out will contain tell tale signs
    of the round trip in action.
    Change-Id: Ic1aa31993fc57ce145c39967d4d682fd2dc5704b
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSrinivasan Muralidharan <muralisr@us.ibm.com>