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    Enhancements for cryptogen · dfc3077c
    Gari Singh authored
    Added a few additional features and fixed
    a minor bug
    - corrected folder name for orderer orgs to use
    captial "O" to be in line with naming convention used
    - generate an admin user for each org and properly
    populate the admincerts folder for the org MSP
    - added new command line flag "-peerOrgUsers" which
    will generate the specified number of users for each
    peer organization
    Prior to this change the root certificates generated
    for each org's CA could not be use as TLS server certs.
    This change adds the server auth useage extension to
    those certs
    Change-Id: I949d99468422c6cfd00f83f6faad9c572fc08a03
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <>