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    [FAB-4904] Modify peer to use MSP tls structure · ea3528e1
    Gari Singh authored
    With FAB-4626, the X509 MSP impl now separates
    the root/intermediate certs for signing from the
    root/intermediates used for TLS.  This change modifies
    the peer to use the updated TLS certs rather than the
    signing certs.  The following changes were made:
    - Use GetTLSRootCerts and GetTLSIntermediateCerts
    functions provided by the msp impl
    - remove the GetRootCerts and GetIntermediateCerts
    methods from the msp impl
    - modify examples/cluster (includes adding a
    separate TLS CA)
    Change-Id: I820b658aac9ca43f766a728f0f9b37194d8c7a7a
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <>