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    [FAB-10048] Add authentication to each CouchDB db · fcb9ae5a
    Chris Elder authored
    Add changes to add database security to each CouchDB database.   This will
    prevent any unauthorized browsing of state data.
    Add couchdb methods to expose the CouchDB _security API for PUT and GET to
    respectively create and retrieve the database security permissions.
    Add the following structure to couchdb to represent the couchdb security
    type DatabaseSecurity struct {
    	Admins struct {
    		Names []string `json:"names"`
    		Roles []string `json:"roles"`
    	} `json:"admins"`
    	Members struct {
    		Names []string `json:"names"`
    		Roles []string `json:"roles"`
    	} `json:"members"`
    Add changes to couchdb CreateDatabaseIfNotExist() and apply a security
    permission definition based on the configured CouchDB username.  Add the
    username to the Admins and Members section.
    Change-Id: I8dadd0e1575babef2143c7fb332b863aa0c6be5b
    Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Elder <chris.elder@us.ibm.com>