Commit 060c2b63 authored by Christopher Ferris's avatar Christopher Ferris Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "[FAB-10281] Remove noisy debug message"

parents 5f5ea434 3b5a7685
......@@ -74,15 +74,14 @@ func (tgzProv *TargzMetadataProvider) GetMetadataAsTarEntries() ([]byte, error)
// We only get here if there are no more entries to scan
if err != nil {
return nil, err
logger.Debugf("header.Name = %s", header.Name)
if !strings.HasPrefix(header.Name, ccPackageStatedbDir) {
if err = tw.WriteHeader(header); err != nil {
logger.Error("Error adding header to statedb tar:", err, header.Name)
return nil, err
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