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Deprecate CAR package format

Support for CAR packages will be removed in
v2.0.0.  Created initial release notes for
1.4.1 and included the deprecation announcement.

FAB-14720 #done

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v1.4.1 Release Notes - April XX, 2019
What's New in Hyperledger Fabric v1.4.1
The following features are included in this release:
FAB-6135 - Raft Consensus
The ordering service now provides an option to use the Raft Consensus
See for details on the Raft algorithm.
Changes, Known Issues, and Workarounds
FAB-14723 - Deprecate CAR package format
Support for packaging chaincode using the CAR format will be removed in
FAB-12088 - Java chaincode support on s390 architecture
Java chaincode support is not yet available on s390 architecture.
FAB-12134 - Same chaincode source receiving fingerprint mismatch error
Chaincode installed in different ways may result in "chaincode fingerprint
mismatch data mismatch" error upon instantiation. This may happen when
installing chaincode by using different SDKs. To workaround the problem,
package the chaincode prior to installation and instantiation, by using
the "peer chaincode package" command.
Known Vulnerabilities
FAB-8664 - Peer should detect and react when its org has been removed
This is a relatively low severity problem, because it requires a significant
conspiracy of network admins, but it will be addressed in a future release.
Resolved Vulnerabilities
Other improvements and fixes
Updated to Go version 1.11.5
Updated baseimage version to 0.4.14
For the full list of improvements and fixes, refer to the release change log:
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