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Release Hyperledger Fabric v1.1.1


Update the CHANGELOG on master since
that's what we point to.

Also added the v1.1.0 changelog (as it was
missing) and renamed v1.2.0-rc1 to v1.2.0

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Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <>
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## v1.2.0-rc1
## v1.1.1
Thu Jul 5 06:54:12 EDT 2018
* [ff5e861de]( [FAB-10799]( Cancel iterator with context
* [17a5432a1]( [FAB-10537]( Reject CONFIG/ORDERER_TRANSACTION messages
* [b748871eb]( [FAB-10540]( stop getting tx sim for qscc/cscc
* [3f827d95c]( [FAB-10546]( fix broken image links
* [361241a30]( [FAB-10577]( User supplied code-package has priority
* [035feef3b]( [FAB-10521]( Block-cutter should refetch config
* [feed00ad6]( [FAB-10285]( MSP topic
* [8d5391da8]( [FAB-10194]( Identity and membership docs for 1.1
* [6238d584c]( [FAB-9548]( Fix image links on layout.html
* [2357657c2]( [FAB-9660]( add manifest-tool to gotools v1.1
* [0ff7107d7]( [FAB-9634]( Upgrade to chaintool v1.1.1
* [2f5cf5741]( [FAB-9630]( create script
* [849e304db]( [FAB-9562]( Typo in msp-identity-validity-rules.rst
* [1483382f2]( [FAB-9536]( Fix potential panic in broadcast
* [cb8499f88]( Reflect review
* [eb90cbfe8]( [FAB-9414]( Fix broken link in
* [301c302da]( [FAB-9477]( Correct Mary/John/Joe mismatch
* [d00dce59a]( [FAB-9356]( add
* [967b2fbe8]( [FAB-9389]( Fix deliver client crash at abrupt restart
* [ff5fcbf3c]( [FAB-9115]( Standardize on "chaincode", not "chain code"
* [b76f8c259]( [FAB-9260]( Remove trailing whitespace in docs rst files
* [ef9ca284c]( [FAB-9208]( Explain proper setting of GOPATH, PATH vars
* [4a0fc01b2]( [FAB-9250]( add logos to RTD
* [390a91244]( [FAB-9201]( Add 'make docker-list'
* [2c188858f]( [FAB-8419]( Add teardown to WYFA
* [629136384]( [FAB-7025]( Platform specific Centos 7 native builds.
* [d4238fa81]( [FAB-9206]( Remove "html_add_permalinks" config setting
* [57a1ea68b]( [FAB-9177]( Remove self-referential line from index.rst
* [a13270fbb]( Correct single misspelling of "Hyperledgr"
* [0fef04dad]( [FAB-9113]( Edit lf-account.rst for clarity, grammar
* [05ecae504]( [FAB-9178]( Fix erroneous indentation in three lists
* [7ac312c47]( [FAB-9178]( Fix lack of indentation in two notes
* [33a9c39df]( [FAB-9183]( Replace named links with anonymous links
* [5f52018bd]( [FAB-9114]( Add references/links for all 5 Fabric SDKs
* [024e9509a]( [FAB-8254]( Doc consensus type cannot be changed
* [dc07aab69]( [FAB-9193]( Do not download thirdparty images by default
* [04069bc02]( [FAB-9192]( Use BASE_DOCKER_NS for thirdparty images
* [19abff965]( [FAB-9120]( "key/value" -> "key-value" in some doc files
* [518f0fd30]( [FAB-9119]( Tidy up blockchain.rst: grammar, punctuation
* [c9fb03e48]( [FAB-9073]( Upgrade to chaintool v1.1.0
* [75afbbc2d]( [FAB-9063]( Specify release managers
* [2b112a63d]( [FAB-9026]( - Update maven binary source in javaenv
* [b2e278473]( [FAB-8908]( fix broken links
* [9d0b49158]( [FAB-8959]( Default version in
* [13447bf5e]( [FAB-8638]( exterminate vestigial 1.0.x references
* [427b221e2]( [FAB-8884]( Prepare Fabric for next release (v1.1.1)
* [83d88e0ab]( [FAB-8757]( add Issuer/Subject field to peer.cert
## v1.2.0
Thu Jun 21 17:17:37 EDT 2018
* [7aff3f7a6]( [FAB-10799]( Cancel iterator with context
......@@ -713,6 +764,29 @@ Thu Jun 21 17:17:37 EDT 2018
* [d414824d7]( [FAB-8654]( Upgrade Gradle to version 4.4.1
* [81f4c5373]( [FAB-8313]( Optimize gossip filter selection
## v1.1.0
Thu Mar 15 13:49:03 EDT 2018
* [2112633]( [FAB-8883]( Prepare for Fabric v1.1.0 release
* [a495a88]( [FAB-7895]( New topic (Concept) : Peers
* [27fd3e5]( [FAB-8854]( Fix link in fabric ca commands page
* [d16ce12]( [FAB-8844]( correct handling of launch errors
* [bf53291]( [FAB-8728]( Typo in
* [e7ed520]( [FAB-8748]( Get fabric-ca-client binary from
* [4bf4f24]( [FAB-8763]( Clarify CLI cc package doc for node cc
* [15ec7d1]( [FAB-8666]( refactor fabric docs TOC
* [08d817c]( [FAB-8731]( Clarify CLI cc install doc for node cc
* [5533049]( [FAB-8738]( Document Reserved Field Names in CouchDB
* [fdff463]( [FAB-8700]( Clarify channel update tutorial leader elec
* [9105134]( [FAB-8698]( - Fix broken link
* [8292ed4]( [FAB-8688]( Gossip onConnect() references wrong field
* [8793c73]( [FAB-8240]( Document Orderer.Addresses config setting
* [7a5a16e]( [FAB-8647]( explain limitation of adding new org
* [f78e0ab]( [FAB-8416]( add leader election section
* [7ba1ffe]( [FAB-8628]( fix code coverage report issue
* [1334e63]( [FAB-8636]( clarify release tag to use for tutorial
* [5b0a846]( [FAB-8284]( Prepare Fabric for next release
## v1.1.0-rc1
Thu Mar 1 12:37:41 EST 2018
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