Commit 227113df authored by Gari Singh's avatar Gari Singh Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "[FAB-11050] Add OutputAnchorPeersUpdate command"

parents 299e286c 388f541d
......@@ -45,3 +45,25 @@ func (c CreateChannelTx) Args() []string {
"-outputCreateChannelTx", c.OutputCreateChannelTx,
type OutputAnchorPeersUpdate struct {
ChannelID string
Profile string
ConfigPath string
AsOrg string
OutputAnchorPeersUpdate string
func (o OutputAnchorPeersUpdate) SessionName() string {
return "configtxgen-output-anchor-peers-update"
func (o OutputAnchorPeersUpdate) Args() []string {
return []string{
"-channelID", o.ChannelID,
"-profile", o.Profile,
"-configPath", o.ConfigPath,
"-asOrg", o.AsOrg,
"-outputAnchorPeersUpdate", o.OutputAnchorPeersUpdate,
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