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[FAB-14429] Add Raft to intro doc

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......@@ -290,11 +290,11 @@ particular deployment or solution. This modular architecture allows the platform
to rely on well-established toolkits for CFT (crash fault-tolerant) or BFT
(byzantine fault-tolerant) ordering.
In the currently available releases, Fabric offers a CFT ordering service
implemented with [Kafka]( and
[Zookeeper]( In subsequent releases, Fabric will
deliver a [Raft consensus ordering service]( implemented
with etcd/Raft and a fully decentralized BFT ordering service.
Fabric currently offers two CFT ordering service implementations. The first is
based on the [`etcd` library]( of the [Raft protocol](
The other is [Kafka]( (which uses [Zookeeper](
internally). For information about currently available ordering services, check
out our [conceptual documentation about ordering](../orderer/ordering_service.html).
Note also that these are not mutually exclusive. A Fabric network can have
multiple ordering services supporting different applications or application
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