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[FAB-12138] Release fabric v1.3.0-rc1

Note - also fixed changelog to remove v1.1.1
changes, as those changes are in release-1.1
changelog and are not in master.

Change-Id: I330353a138a944f9fd8cd78ce46fababef9adffc
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Enyeart <>
parent f9803b40
## v1.1.1
Thu Jul 5 06:54:12 EDT 2018
## v1.3.0-rc1
Mon Sep 24 22:45:10 EDT 2018
* [ff5e861de]( [FAB-10799]( Cancel iterator with context
* [17a5432a1]( [FAB-10537]( Reject CONFIG/ORDERER_TRANSACTION messages
* [b748871eb]( [FAB-10540]( stop getting tx sim for qscc/cscc
* [3f827d95c]( [FAB-10546]( fix broken image links
* [361241a30]( [FAB-10577]( User supplied code-package has priority
* [035feef3b]( [FAB-10521]( Block-cutter should refetch config
* [feed00ad6]( [FAB-10285]( MSP topic
* [8d5391da8]( [FAB-10194]( Identity and membership docs for 1.1
* [6238d584c]( [FAB-9548]( Fix image links on layout.html
* [2357657c2]( [FAB-9660]( add manifest-tool to gotools v1.1
* [0ff7107d7]( [FAB-9634]( Upgrade to chaintool v1.1.1
* [2f5cf5741]( [FAB-9630]( create script
* [849e304db]( [FAB-9562]( Typo in msp-identity-validity-rules.rst
* [1483382f2]( [FAB-9536]( Fix potential panic in broadcast
* [cb8499f88]( Reflect review
* [eb90cbfe8]( [FAB-9414]( Fix broken link in
* [301c302da]( [FAB-9477]( Correct Mary/John/Joe mismatch
* [d00dce59a]( [FAB-9356]( add
* [967b2fbe8]( [FAB-9389]( Fix deliver client crash at abrupt restart
* [ff5fcbf3c]( [FAB-9115]( Standardize on "chaincode", not "chain code"
* [b76f8c259]( [FAB-9260]( Remove trailing whitespace in docs rst files
* [ef9ca284c]( [FAB-9208]( Explain proper setting of GOPATH, PATH vars
* [4a0fc01b2]( [FAB-9250]( add logos to RTD
* [390a91244]( [FAB-9201]( Add 'make docker-list'
* [2c188858f]( [FAB-8419]( Add teardown to WYFA
* [629136384]( [FAB-7025]( Platform specific Centos 7 native builds.
* [d4238fa81]( [FAB-9206]( Remove "html_add_permalinks" config setting
* [57a1ea68b]( [FAB-9177]( Remove self-referential line from index.rst
* [a13270fbb]( Correct single misspelling of "Hyperledgr"
* [0fef04dad]( [FAB-9113]( Edit lf-account.rst for clarity, grammar
* [05ecae504]( [FAB-9178]( Fix erroneous indentation in three lists
* [7ac312c47]( [FAB-9178]( Fix lack of indentation in two notes
* [33a9c39df]( [FAB-9183]( Replace named links with anonymous links
* [5f52018bd]( [FAB-9114]( Add references/links for all 5 Fabric SDKs
* [024e9509a]( [FAB-8254]( Doc consensus type cannot be changed
* [dc07aab69]( [FAB-9193]( Do not download thirdparty images by default
* [04069bc02]( [FAB-9192]( Use BASE_DOCKER_NS for thirdparty images
* [19abff965]( [FAB-9120]( "key/value" -> "key-value" in some doc files
* [518f0fd30]( [FAB-9119]( Tidy up blockchain.rst: grammar, punctuation
* [c9fb03e48]( [FAB-9073]( Upgrade to chaintool v1.1.0
* [75afbbc2d]( [FAB-9063]( Specify release managers
* [2b112a63d]( [FAB-9026]( - Update maven binary source in javaenv
* [b2e278473]( [FAB-8908]( fix broken links
* [9d0b49158]( [FAB-8959]( Default version in
* [13447bf5e]( [FAB-8638]( exterminate vestigial 1.0.x references
* [427b221e2]( [FAB-8884]( Prepare Fabric for next release (v1.1.1)
* [83d88e0ab]( [FAB-8757]( add Issuer/Subject field to peer.cert
* [8e9d36c]( [FAB-12138]( Release v1.3.0-rc1
* [f9803b4]( [FAB-12153]( Disable javaenv-docker from tests
* [0098d47]( [FAB-11828]( add whatsnew page for 1.3
* [f1b1d42]( [FAB-12133]( Disable java cc tests in fabric
* [95b4906]( Revert "[FAB-11828]( Add "what's new" doc for v1.3"
* [17b9da8]( [FAB-11828]( Add "what's new" doc for v1.3
* [eae6bd9]( [FAB-11333]( Remove old event hub reference
* [c592f15]( [FAB-12099]( build plugins with race when needed
* [2c2f65d]( [FAB-12102]( use raw strings where appropriate
* [5f14fb6]( [FAB-11689]( address race from repeated InitMSP
* [2edc1a0]( [FAB-12081]( Fix misspelling "Singed" to "Signed"
* [c45c199]( [FAB-11949]( Block-level SBE validation unit test
* [6c285e9]( [FAB-11706]( Fix broken link to unit test doc
* [dd459c0]( [FAB-12116]( Fix groupId in test data uses java shim
* [ce1cad6]( [FAB-12114]( Upgrade doc note about enough peers
* [a807159]( Change pvtdata store purger log level to debug
* [cf4e674]( [FAB-12113]( Reduce gossip Info messages
* [8e2640f]( [FAB-11879]( Update app capabilities for V1_3
* [a18f1ea]( [FAB-12030]( Improve INFO log for block processing
* [07ae8af]( [FAB-12104]( log right error for SB validaiton failure
* [ed707bd]( [FAB-12103]( Improve ledger debug
* [650a5e6]( [FAB-12085]( lint out
* [a6a07ce]( [FAB-10686]( remove ledger assert functions
* [d82dffb]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify container,committer
* [8a5961d]( [FAB-12084]( address simple lostcancel vet issues
* [84c8115]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify core/ledger
* [6223621]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify protos/ledger
* [f80782b]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify kvledger/txmgmt
* [6f8622c]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify txmgr/lockbasedtxmgr
* [e32bbda]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify txmgmt/statedb
* [96a606f]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify txmgmt/rwsetutil
* [218bc06]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify txmgmt/validator
* [d5cee29]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify kvledger/history
* [58aef40]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify core/ledger/util
* [6409c4d]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify common/ledger/util
* [ef92892]( [FAB-10686]( testutil->testify fsblkstorage
* [0fcdcdc]( [FAB-12060]( payload buf don't signal ready if empty
* [dac4434]( [FAB-12090]( Retrieve SBEP for private data by key hash
* [ef0bf29]( [FAB-10025]( Simplify test env clean up for statecouchdb
* [38411a6]( [FAB-11756]( Upgrade from v1.2 to v1.3 doc
* [4b78799]( [FAB-12093]( Fix Priv Data Tut
* [209e053]( [FAB-12098]( Use context WithTimeout in gossip handshake
* [6fefc68]( [FAB-12076]( Use raw string literals for JSON
* [69a8128]( [FAB-12076]( correct invalid JSON in test
* [d4beab0]( [FAB-12089]( Add private metadata getter by hash
* [303fa80]( [FAB-12002]( Fix comment typo
* [d770fcb]( [FAB-11905]( Provide full set of endorsers in filter
* [e5547f2]( Add function to get pvtdata metadata by keyhash
* [945138e]( Fix perf issue by key-endorsement to regular chaincode
* [78c827c]( FABCI-106 Ignore pulling javaenv from s390x
* [ed1e1c9]( [FAB-12049]( Update Doc Idemix in Fabric 1.3
* [b33bc2b]( [FAB-11973]( failing test in statebased validation
* [e53629d]( [FAB-11989]( Clarify error handling for plugins
* [73a8f45]( [FAB-12069]( Fix vet issues flagged by go 1.11
* [ff0d37f]( [FAB-12064]( s,,context,g
* [7414074]( [FAB-11998]( Adding java docs to build_network
* [bcf8736]( [FAB-12054]( Retry Operation in TestInvalidChannel
* [7648d9c]( [FAB-12050]( add round to generate ca notBefore time
* [d4fa156]( [FAB-12044]( javaenv-docker to pull javaenv images
* [f2b16af]( [FAB-11595]( minor JavaCC e2e test cleanup
* [33ed567]( [FAB-12020]( Update chaincode sections with Java cc
* [e668bb3]( [FAB-12042]( update baseimage to 0.4.12
* [df84d9a]( Add javaenv to
* [aa4f276]( code hygiene: rm marble examples from ledger
* [1af2dad]( [FAB-12034]( Fix data races in pull_test.go
* [161e760]( Add check for verifying block.Header.PreviousHash field
* [3c418c5]( [FAB-11595]( Java cc pvtdata integration test
* [623eaa9]( [FAB-11572]( Re-enable test
* [238668d]( FIX [FAB-11601]( idemix role from boolean to int
* [af57f97]( [FAB-12010]( Upgrade go version to 1.10.4
* [5816af0]( [FAB-11162]( Simplify clock management in chain.
* [20cbe44]( code hygiene: disable missingData recon upfront
* [ee81a3d]( [FAB-12018]( fix wrong description
* [10b5eff]( recon: disable by not storing the missing data entries
* [5a3d110]( [FAB-12000]( have pvt reconciliation disabled
* [d631b54]( [FAB-10804]( remove HasLaunched from registry
* [57ad85c]( [FAB-11915]( Continue doc work on state endorsement
* [921b896]( Fix historydb issue for keys containing nil bytes
* [08aabe9]( Wait for goroutine to finish before db close
* [38430ad]( [FAB-12014]( Log warning for missing index
* [a800648]( [FAB-11960]( make CACertsBundlePath a method
* [a864726]( [FAB-8740]( State database Document pagination
* [5769cc3]( [FAB-11976]( hex encoding for binary keys in collection
* [8a7737d]( [FAB-10804]( queue chaincode tx on container start
* [944adf2]( [FAB-11960]( Introduce TLS to integration tests
* [2baf7f9]( [FAB-11958]( Fix minor issues in pvt data tutorial
* [a828f47]( [FAB-11966]( TestShutdown intermittent failure
* [70307a0]( [FAB-11961]( properly release resource
* [fdc4889]( Skip failing test in statebased validation
* [9894396]( [FAB-11972]( remove dead field added in [FAB-11455](
* [7093ca0]( [FAB-11972]( fix mocks and fakes from [FAB-11455](
* [807b7ae]( [FAB-11706]( Add Interoperability Test Info
* [5687311]( [FAB-11953]( Resolve items in marbles sample chaincode
* [b2941b5]( [FAB-11928]( Idemix attributes in chaincode
* [3adfdbf]( [FAB-11959]( improve unit tests for confighistory
* [88949f3]( [FAB-11954]( Rmv state based endorse from pluggable doc
* [bf71b46]( [FAB-11955]( Enhanced error message for SB validation
* [8e9d930]( [FAB-11948]( check collection exists before meta put
* [d01247c]( [FAB-11907]( Lock and BlocksDeliverer are fields
* [fb12372]( [FAB-11583]( Fix erroneous anchor peer output
* [c3445f1]( [FAB-11906]( thread-safe mocks for SBE
* [7357202]( [FAB-11947]( Delete useless code
* [2b0cc33]( [FAB-11945]( fix minor issues in pvt data tutorial
* [5392132]( [FAB-11896]( Exercise v1.2 and v1.3 validation in tests
* [1f08eaa]( [FAB-11938]( Retries in cluster test to stabilize UT
* [b20ab81]( Fix peer logging setlevel regex matching
* [4818921]( [FAB-11925]( Code hygiene: remove unused functions
* [8b3cbda]( [FAB-11916]( Fix remaining comments for pagination
* [f565b5b]( [FAB-11764]( Add test for endorsement plugin
* [65769fa]( [FAB-11607]( State-based endorsement E2E
* [190982e]( [FAB-11503]( upd. marbles cc with pagination APIs
* [0ee45ac]( [FAB-11455]( peer side changes to support pagination
* [fef54c2]( [FAB-11907]( Data races in deliver client
* [b4c223a]( [FAB-11911]( address review comments for statebased
* [35b3e2f]( [FAB-11310]( implement the def cc APIs for pagination
* [805cf94]( [FAB-11307]( define new chaincode APIs for pagination
* [666b8c2]( [FAB-11306]( update shim proto to support pagination
* [b894012]( [FAB-11410]( Add paging for transaction simulation
* [ca152f2]( [FAB-9840]( CouchDB safe pagination - statecouchdb
* [f21d769]( [FAB-8823]( State-based endorsement documentation
* [a98a739]( [FAB-11902]( fix deadlock in key-level validation
* [41ee9d0]( [FAB-11892]( Improve the flake fix for TestCreds
* [6478442]( Fix flakiness with TestCreds
* [c858fee]( Fix TestGoodChannelCreateConfigUpdate
* [e7631f2]( [FAB-11441]( Remove ESCC, VSCC from doc
* [b012829]( [FAB-11880]( Update Baseimage version 0.4.11
* [81687a7]( [FAB-11876]( reduce logging noise from msp
* [7f12d1b]( [FAB-11162]( Implement bare minimum Raft-based chain
* [ec77fc5]( [FAB-11894]( State request to request open range
* [ea5db25]( [FAB-11895]( Retry Operation in cluster_test
* [67b8b06]( [FAB-11869]( Revendor amcl library in fabric.
* [6ca8f54]( [FAB-11893]( Code hygiene: remove unused const
* [acf74f8]( [FAB-10735]( Script to pull images from Nexus
* [a920cad]( Fix broken master
* [f2a3ed6]( [FAB-10094]( Add tests for rebuilding ledger components
* [072a43e]( [FAB-11878]( fix go 1.11 test failures in msp
* [7c4311f]( [FAB-8824]( CC sample for state-based endorsement
* [63c34a6]( [FAB-9111]( CC convenience layer for state-based EP
* [386870e]( [FAB-11874]( fix local test failure with go1.11
* [a8ea43f]( [FAB-8815]( Interface for cc convenience layer
* [2a12ea5]( [FAB-9747]( check capabilities for cc metadata put/get
* [ba89a79]( [FAB-9748]( cc handler support to retrieve capabilities
* [491d576]( [FAB-9784]( Chaincode handler f. key-level metadata
* [70ef63c]( [FAB-9107]( Chaincode protos for key-level metadata
* [db39ab0]( [FAB-9676]( Chaincode shim for key-level EPs
* [cf77c77]( [FAB-11857]( ValidateCodePackage to java platform
* [8feec79]( [FAB-11872]( Decouple MetadataLifecycle from 1.3 release
* [2a2cbe9]( [FAB-11860]( KeyLevelEndorsement cap. for 1.3 peers only
* [c7da428]( [FAB-11171]( TMS issuer and verifier for import
* [eccd7a4]( [FAB-11795]( Import etcdraft in configtxlator
* [0b50539]( [FAB-11868]( Documentation Enhancement
* [90b9ac2]( [FAB-11866]( remove duplicated code in unit-test
* [dd02975]( Log TLS connection errors
* [edd4a57]( [FAB-11862]( Retry operation in cluster UT
* [09daead]( [FAB-11812]( update suite description
* [45492de]( [FAB-11815]( allow META-INF during validation
* [556ab7f]( [FAB-11524]( Prover: Request Import
* [ca5b143]( [FAB-11838]( Add INFO logging for anchor peers
* [111ae61]( [FAB-11826]( TestTxOpsPreparationMetadataUpdates fail
* [9a13227]( [FAB-11301]( private data reconciliation
* [c417075]( [FAB-11827]( Rename package names/dirs for validator
* [cca4004]( [FAB-11321]( Alleviating lock contention of MSP cache
* [2d67d38]( [FAB-11830]( Code hygiene for key-level validation tests
* [2f246ad]( [FAB-11829]( Log discovery requests/responses
* [1170869]( [FAB-11804]( CC access control readme
* [73bdef8]( [FAB-11820]( Fix typo in the document.
* [ded84c2]( [FAB-11803]( Fix typo in the document
* [1fde4a8]( [FAB-11821]( Decrease log level of a normal behaviour
* [472ef92]( [FAB-11814]( swimlane anchor
* [02c7f78]( [FAB-11794]( test 1.3 validation logic in validator test
* [5388376]( [FAB-11802]( State-based val. must at least check CCEP
* [b8a08bc]( [FAB-11801]( Fix duplicate words in the document
* [2ed5537]( TestChaincodeInvokeChaincode intermittent fail ppc64le
* [d6987ff]( [FAB-11769]( validate cc ns change for meta writes
* [05ac04d]( [FAB-9860]( use key-lvl validation in 1.3 validator
* [93d8f04]( [FAB-9844]( Validator for key-level validation
* [bc3d405]( [FAB-11747]( Stop() thread safe
* [54462cd]( [FAB-9857]( key-level validation parm retrieval
* [8e9c018]( [FAB-11744]( Raft Dispatcher
* [3fba27c]( [FAB-11793]( Fix java cc API in integration
* [fcbd525]( [FAB-11278]( Removing DATA RACES
* [8f811f8]( [FAB-11783]( define SBE validator iface where used
* [7c02b03]( [FAB-9286]( Fix index out of range error
* [d8a9a09]( [FAB-11536]( Improve chaincode service start
* [137bfcb]( [FAB-10095]( Add pvt data related tests
* [4c38b4f]( Declare ledger dependency for coll membership info
* [38ad642]( [FAB-11115]( add idemixgen to fabric-tools Dockerfile
* [e2b9366]( Store & ret. missingDataInfo in pvtstore
* [d738643]( [FAB-11763]( Improve unit tests for channel_test
* [1dd91c8]( Run pkcs11 tests for bccsp pkg
* [c1d722e]( Add ability to package chaincode to nwo
* [75c36eb]( [FAB-11759]( log 'Obtaining identity' at debug
* [446c26d]( [FAB-11758]( Remove XXXDefaultChannelMSPID const
* [6ebf096]( [FAB-11751]( Java shim version 1.3.0
* [e013011]( [FAB-10390]( Set PKCS11 CKA_MODIFIABLE to false
* [546360b]( Improve error message when private data is disabled
* [0e8eedd]( [FAB-11586]( Raft communication layer, part 2
* [a5847ad]( [FAB-11736]( Fixing javaenv image references
* [f42a5f9]( [FAB-11584]( Make java cc not experimental
* [289d6d3]( Fix broken BCCSP PKCS11 test
* [f56a24a]( [FAB-11688]( serialize access to Registrar.chains
* [4616c21]( [FAB-11684]( serialization in ram ledger simpleList
* [c454413]( [FAB-11683]( fix data race in GenerateDockerBuild
* [5cc0dea]( [FAB-11685]( avoid data races in shim tests
* [8db4c58]( [FAB-9131]( use flogging in docker controller
* [50aec3f]( [FAB-9131]( Update peer logging doc and examples
* [97215fa]( [FAB-9131]( wire zap based fabric logger
* [bb90ac4]( [FAB-11046]( Increase test coverage for cauthdsl
* [aec2ab9]( Ledger-lscc: Implement 'DeployedChaincodeInfoProvider'
* [aa5534f]( [FAB-11721]( Improve unit tests for pullstore
* [3d3b4a7]( Ledger-lscc: Interface for decoupling ledger and lscc
* [080f1af]( [FAB-11404]( Fix panic on illegal policy str
* [e00035f]( [FAB-11719]( Better Markup of Document
* [b2bf181]( Fix broken build
* [84629f0]( [FAB-9657]( Ledger: Metadata - E2E support
* [bc0d4cf]( [FAB-10041]( Ledger: Metadata - pvt data updates
* [0cc9874]( [FAB-9681]( Ledger: Metadata - couch-statedb support
* [843d926]( [FAB-10036]( Ledger: Metadata - Commit-path enhancements
* [2d3d042]( [FAB-11554]( Remove deduplicateIdentity
* [701cb44]( [FAB-11553]( Split LSCC validation
* [d8f8675]( [FAB-11552]( Call right validator given the capability
* [dbc194a]( [FAB-11551]( Clone v1.2 validation logic
* [2178e6e]( [FAB-11550]( Expose 1.3 validation capability
* [3d56023]( [FAB-11549]( Split validation logic into own package
* [4d649c5]( [FAB-11548]( Change TransactionValidator interface
* [4abc690]( Ledger-lscc: Enhance StateListener with QueryExecutors
* [923afec]( [FAB-11705]( Fix deduplicateIdentity slice appending
* [0bc7d3e]( Nominate Matthew Sykes as Fabric maintainer
* [cf1b9c5]( [FAB-11701]( Prover Peer proto (with import request)
* [bd1fa1b]( Ledger-lscc: Introduce queriabilty on to-be state
* [c66b2c6]( [FAB-11521]( Have chaincode store return hash on save
* [d360f22]( [FAB-11520]( Add implementation for ChaincodeInstall
* [0294774]( [FAB-11588]( Have package-provider parse fs bytes
* [d54d863]( [FAB-11587]( Add new tar gz chaincode package format
* [6c851f6]( [FAB-11657]( Fix Testviewer URL in docs Readme
* [8de6434]( Encode block number in reverse order
* [7d26784]( [FAB-11682]( log 'Loading NodeOUs' at debug level
* [88112d8]( [FAB-11317]( construct inelg. missing pvt data
* [b540d55]( [FAB-11661]( fix wrong description
* [ddb03c7]( [FAB-11646]( Add interceptors to comm.GRPCServer
* [208606d]( [FAB-11660]( issue in if statement
* [c47bcd5]( [FAB-11659]( Fabric UT Failure
* [8580381]( [FAB-11571]( Improve peer gossip init
* [bb311c5]( [FAB-11585]( Raft communication layer, part 1
* [1cbb8c9]( Enhance ledger apis for missing data
* [bbf5c78]( [FAB-10778]( Increase default timeout
* [00859b0]( [FAB-11636]( Typos in warn messages at configtxgen
* [e53a0be]( [FAB-11483]( Validation Parameter const
* [73bd919]( [FAB-11606]( Fix duplicate word in sentence
* [1ed1dea]( [FAB-11574]( Use AdminClient to create topics
* [5749920]( [FAB-11172]( Token transaction proto message
* [75fac16]( [FAB-11519]( Create new SCC for new lifecycle
* [3aa6009]( [FAB-11211]( Utilize old and new cc pkg in cclifecycle
* [a9e8cd7]( [FAB-7382]( Remove ReadyChan() from Deliver ledgers
* [42b6b4b]( [FABC-702] Remove TCert code from BCCSP
* [8cfb9ed]( [FAB-11573]( Update Kafka library
* [543270c]( [FAB-11525]( TMS token implementation
* [d441f26]( [FAB-11329]( disable failing pvtdata e2e tests
* [02358c3]( [FAB-11196]( idemixmsp supports roles client, peer
* [85e3482]( [FAB-11289]( Java cc integration tests
* [b766b28]( [FAB-11303]( Java cc build update
* [12a5795]( [FAB-11575]( Fix collection config error msg
* [ab2e23e]( [FAB-11569]( Fix public/sideDB updates final commit
* [474f9d2]( [FAB-11174]( FabToken Transaction Processors
* [7858d63]( [FAB-11462]( SASL/PLAIN auth for Kafka
* [808093b]( [FAB-11478]( Enable etcd/raft configuration in channel
* [e1fff80]( [FAB-11487]( always propagate send fail errors
* [c8a8261]( [FAB-11487]( provide error response when send fails
* [33a4e1c]( [FAB-11502]( disable pvt e2e tests
* [b9be659]( [FAB-11323]( added pvtdata membership info provider
* [56c8913]( [FAB-11506]( configtxlator do not deeply encode nil
* [4c4b4f1]( [FAB-11484 #done] Update testing documentation
* [96492eb]( [FAB-11508]( Add consenter metadata to channel config
* [fcec1b0]( [FAB-9131]( create FabricLogger around zap logging
* [3751fbd]( [FAB-11247]( Add configuration to create _global_changes
* [0b3e8c9]( [FAB-11327]( fix wrong error msg in pvtdata e2e test
* [3838d1b]( [FAB-11329]( fix flakes in pvtdata e2e tests
* [b2923ca]( [FAB-11214]( remove dead logger initialization
* [7ce40f9]( [FAB-11332]( update dep to v0.5
* [8896069]( [FAB-11468]( Print error upon peer cmd failure
* [63e90ec]( [FAB-11335]( Fix args handling
* [aeb5377]( [FAB-10487]( Blockchain Network concept - updates
* [f10cd75]( Revert "[FAB-11380]( Add state-based to SD protobuf"
* [851cb6a]( [FAB-11308]( Allow use of + char in namespace
* [9822fd0]( [FAB-11403]( Fix Typo in the document.
* [679a32e]( [FAB-11201]( shim pkg. provider to support both cc pkgs
* [75d1824]( [FAB-11412]( Define orderer intracluster protobuf
* [3d72b63]( [FAB-10569]( don't create index on non-existent col
* [78f45ba]( [FAB-11414]( Revert [FAB-11377](
* [c7d2158]( [FAB-11405]( Fixed fileBasedKeyStore never open
* [f44cc7c]( [FAB-11406]( Fix unused named result parameters
* [d8e27eb]( [FAB-10650]( retrieve collections configurations
* [d77dd4c]( [FAB-10724]( Retrieve hash of persisted cc install pkg
* [4f6600a]( [FAB-11401]( Fixed broken link
* [86a0a63]( [FAB-11380]( Add state-based to discovery protobuf
* [c90b5fa]( [FAB-11386]( Sync protobuf with proto1.1
* [9ec119e]( [FAB-11217]( Increase test coverage for signer.go
* [dfe213b]( [FAB-11320]( Add application v1.3 capability
* [0e845ce]( [FAB-11377]( fix docker-clean failed
* [7721fd3]( [FAB-11127]( Add UT for kvledger
* [d149d17]( [FAB-10155]( Add unit test for gossip/pvtdata
* [7134f6e]( [FAB-11325]( VerifyPeerCertificate in SecureOptions
* [8a22a27]( [FAB-11385]( Disable pvt integration tests
* [79bd397]( [FAB-11376]( Update anchor peer section in gossip.rst
* [8d7de02]( [FAB-11146]( Putting key concepts above getting started
* [3bf58eb]( [FAB-11363]( Link to Kafka config sample
* [a0002d5]( Minor edits to anchor peer glossary entry
* [c88c02f]( [FAB-11338]( fix channel name in "Using dev mode"
* [681ebe1]( [FAB-11338]( fix code block in "using dev mode"
* [29de39d]( [FAB-11305]( Channel v1.3 capability for idemix
* [0c38243]( [FAB-11331]( Fix copyright year in docs
* [617d614]( [FAB-11123]( Remove EventHub from peer
* [2df4a80]( [FAB-11313]( Rewrite glossary anchor peer definition
* [dbc37ca]( Add discover binary to fabric-tools image
* [2d2a248]( [FAB-11314]( Fix link to Kafka design document
* [c6d067f]( [FAB-11173]( FabToken Validation Plugin
* [fc8bd9d]( [FAB-11277]( Split ExtractCerteHashFromContext to 2
* [6d10709]( [FAB-11272]( Retire dormant fabric maintainers
* [b372a56]( [FAB-10391]( Set CKA_EXTRACTABLE to false
* [5acb4b4]( [FAB-11233]( Increase timeout for closing processes
* [fc388e7]( [FAB-11269]( Improve configtx.yaml batch descriptions
* [7a70ea2]( [FAB-11242]( Add `build/` into gitignore
* [c211e5e]( [FAB-10157]( pvtdata e2e w/ network partition
* [6e17b23]( [FAB-10484]( - added e2e pvtdata btl tests
* [fd76467]( [FAB-11170]( Refactor discovery client cache
* [e7583c2]( [FAB-10859]( Improve UT for common/capabilities/
* [59a753d]( [FAB-10807]( Update fabric version in metadata
* [41db6d4]( [FAB-11106]( Fix chaincode name checking
* [9d938b8]( [FAB-6676]( Serviceability - update protos/utils errors
* [7ce5c87]( [FAB-11234]( Import etcd/raft
* [3045bf4]( [FAB-9746]( Ledger: Metadata - level-statedb support
* [fa0d1e2]( [FAB-9656]( Ledger: Metadata - Enhance RWSet builder
* [312eda8]( [FAB-11136]( Increase peer CLI timeout for successful UTs
* [2a3ebd5]( [FAB-11215]( Enable vetting of more print/printf fncs
* [9992c41]( [FAB-11219]( pvtdata int. tests failing after recent CR
* [6aeb59c]( [FAB-10523]( Fix peer command
* [8ae94b0]( [FAB-11198]( protolator to understand RWSets, events
* [ab1b9ee]( [FAB-5766]( Error handling improvement for ledger (part 3)
* [0f8446e]( [FAB-11120]( move legacy world to the last user
* [6e29649]( [FAB-11191]( Fix invalid security link in docs
* [010f5dc]( [FAB-11151]( test auto-transitions in Jira
* [5ac11d2]( [FAB-11038]( Disable chaincode lookup cache swizzling
* [1fe243f]( [FAB-11037]( Remove InvocationSpec from chaincode pkg
* [354c924]( [FAB-11036]( Remove the transaction parms from cccid
* [00ff8f9]( [FAB-11035]( Remove unused ccprovider pieces
* [4645c3a]( [FAB-11034]( Replace context with explicit params
* [b7157a4]( [FAB-11033]( Complete removing spec from Launch
* [d72773e]( [FAB-11031]( Remove 'Syscc' from CCContext
* [e67a85f]( [FAB-11030]( Remove skipped tests from chaincode
* [4f10a14]( [FAB-11029]( Make stop take container info
* [83fc11a]( [FAB-11131]( lint all code, enable all vet checks
* [620dffe]( [FAB-11026]( Remove lifecycle shim and use LSCC inst
* [8f0ca0d]( [FAB-11039]( getChaincodes omits collection config
* [8ec2ffa]( [FAB-10997]( Add ChaincodeDefinition function to LSCC
* [03aabd7]( [FAB-10995]( runtime_launcher chaincode spec removal
* [2fffd02]( [FAB-10994]( Remove chaincode spec from Launch
* [f5182d4]( [FAB-11024]( ChaincodeContainerInfo to ccprovider
* [0e578a8]( [FAB-10996]( Cleanup runtime launcher interface
* [5f9de08]( [FAB-11023]( Unhide system chaincode provider
* [3eebcf3]( [FAB-11000]( Remove unnecessary context
* [aa52af1]( [FAB-10999]( Inject explicit chaincode_support to ipc
* [d861bbf]( [FAB-10998]( GetChaincodeData to use LSCC directly
* [1160b11]( [FAB-10992]( Lifecycle abstraction to return ccci
* [f4ed742]( [FAB-10987]( GetChaincodeDeploymentSpec direct call
* [be01b7e]( [FAB-10986]( Remove one runtime_launcher.go CDS ref
* [bb64b0a]( [FAB-10985]( Have LSCC etc. describe themselves
* [18091ad]( [FAB-10984]( Prepare to move SCC attributes into SCC
* [c9e3904]( [FAB-10283]( Make configtxlator handle maps correctly
* [563374a]( [FAB-10723]( Retrieve persisted cc install pkg by hash
* [e34dac4]( [FAB-10141]( Fix bug in genesis block persistence
* [a2ea1ef]( [FAB-11047]( Enlarge discovery client memoization cache
* [03104e7]( [FAB-10292]( Update protobuf to v1.1.0
* [6be352a]( [FAB-11130]( add keys to unkeyed struct literals
* [f193887]( [FAB-11121]( remove recursion flag (-r) from ginkgo
* [3e591f6]( [FAB-10866]( Build fails license header check pptx
* [86d7ccb]( [FAB-11133]( ConfigUpdate supports variadic signers
* [a45c3bf]( [FAB-10957]( use 0 as bad port for connect fail
* [6e9ad4b]( [FAB-10968]( Fix race in discovery integration test
* [09ddf97]( [FAB-11097]( discover: No channel info in local peers
* [f71a380]( [FAB-11028]( discover: Remove nil chaincodes from output
* [1d3bd84]( [FAB-11129]( Ensure v1.3 digests are parsed by v1.2
* [36a4a8f]( [FAB-10720]( Persistence for new cc install package
* [4a73894]( [FAB-11138]( replace gogo import with golang/proto
* [d2d5bef]( [FAB-11112]( Functions to convert CDS to cc install pkg
* [7893ab3]( [FAB-11058]( use correct logging method ..
* [4150a69]( [FAB-10662]( eventually timeout added to nwo
* [5df24f0]( [FAB-11054]( move discovery to nwo
* [6e8d556]( [FAB-11053]( extract config block helpers to nwo
* [5d80844]( [FAB-11052]( begin adding nwo support for discovery
* [edec005]( [FAB-11051]( refactor install/instantiate/upgrade
* [7416112]( [FAB-10967]( SideDB video link
* [fa490c2]( [FAB-10982]( Add direct accessor for LSCC to get CDS
* [ea6b468]( [FAB-10981]( Unhide LSCC impl details
* [954f350]( [FAB-10979]( PackageProvider provides code package
* [e3d7051]( [FAB-10978]( Remove spec from container_runtime
* [b1dd84b]( [FAB-10977]( Extract lifecycle to interface
* [305c5ad]( [FAB-10976]( Move lifecycle to its own package
* [5918252]( [FAB-10975]( Split Execute into Execute/ExecuteInit
* [881fc85]( [FAB-10974]( Remove cc-spec from core/controller
* [5d34c6a]( [FAB-10835]( Remove chaincode spec from platforms
* [62d8145]( [FAB-10834]( GetMetadataProvider to accept code bytes
* [39a1a8c]( [FAB-10833]( Fix ccmetadata package structure
* [fe3bbe2]( [FAB-10832]( GenerateDockerBuild to accept path, code
* [b2db32a]( [FAB-10831]( Remove unused GenerateDockerfile parm
* [aff080c]( [FAB-10830]( GetDeploymentPackage to take string
* [5d6fe7d]( [FAB-10829]( Remove unused java hash file/function
* [77d4b81]( [FAB-10828]( ValidateDepSpec to ValidateCodePackage
* [9e47bf2]( [FAB-10827]( Remove meaningless file write from test
* [adca953]( [FAB-10826]( Change ValidateSpec to ValidatePath
* [33bcc43]( [FAB-11073]( Fix linter checking
* [613e845]( [FAB-10899]( ignore context in VMController
* [eb06008]( [FAB-5766]( Error handling improvement for ledger (part 1)
* [26c6b79]( [FAB-5766]( Error handling improvement for ledger (part 2)
* [6d4bf4e]( [FAB-11102]( Visual Vocab
* [c4fe7e6]( [FAB-11055]( add UpdateChannelAnchors to network
* [375995e]( [FAB-11094]( Fix deadlock in block iterator
* [9c77fe5]( [FAB-10302]( Don't use protobuf as map keys
* [20b7c22]( Release Hyperledger Fabric v1.1.1
* [95837c9]( [FAB-10970]( Make connection refusal more lenient
* [24078df]( [FAB-10742]( Batch retrive of pvt data from ledger
* [54ead35]( [FAB-10486]( e2e test pvtdata remove and add
* [42eed58]( Fix instructions
* [57a4cc6]( [FAB-11062]( Update README and for 1.2.0
* [17de263]( [FAB-10156]( added e2e test for private data
* [a95aa6b]( [FAB-10708]( add docker-tag-stable target/recipe
* [388f541]( [FAB-11050]( Add OutputAnchorPeersUpdate command
* [505fb6a]( [FAB-11049]( add {Read,Write}{Orderer,Peer}Config
* [7ec6c61]( [FAB-10993]( Extraneous capabilities in configtx.yaml
* [80861b1]( [FAB-11004]( fix flakes in discovery service e2e test
* [eb84de6]( [FAB-11001]( Direct errors to stderr, not stdout
* [1a2d8be]( [FAB-11042]( Fix broken links in documents
* [54d4e37]( [FAB-10719]( New message to serialize cc install package
* [83f18e7]( [FAB-10885]( Upgrade grpc-go
* [9112ebf]( [FAB-10825]( Make platform latent dependency explicit
* [9c774de]( [FAB-10824]( Add ginkgo tests for platforms
* [8726745]( [FAB-11021]( Fix goimports error
* [db58767]( Prepare fabric for 1.3 development
* [ae9237f]( [FAB-10963]( Discovery: filtering in membership queries
* [8fd6f14]( [FAB-10857]( Extract discovery endorsement filtering
* [bc88414]( [FAB-9152]( fix data race in TestManagerImpl
* [c6d8edd]( [FAB-9150]( race in TestRegister_ExpiredIdentity
* [f48cf5c]( [FAB-10924]( data race during event handler cleanup
* [19883c4]( [FAB-9134]( Fix data race in DockerBuild
* [4af2b13]( [FAB-10951]( race in TestUpdateRootsFromConfigBlock
* [a06dd35]( [FAB-10952]( data race running core/comm tests
* [9dcaed6]( [FAB-10954]( data race core/comm/producer
* [7a3001a]( [FAB-10942]( fix data race in core/committer tests
* [003566e]( [FAB-9160]( fix data race in TestRecoverFromError
* [a72b7fd]( [FAB-9146]( fix TestCreateChainFromBlock data race
* [6dd7353]( [FAB-9149]( fix data race in TestRegister_MutualTLS
* [1e04fe8]( [FAB-10912]( fix TestPluginLoadingFailure on mac
* [f8af130]( [FAB-9157]( serialize channel manipulation in kafka
* [a444aa6]( [FAB-10949]( fix race in TestResubmission
* [635bce5]( [FAB-9132]( Fix data race in core/chaincode/shim
* [0a95252]( [FAB-10938]( Remove go file because of deadcode
* [ff96935]( [FAB-10823]( Refactor platforms to instance
* [16b41a5]( [FAB-9524]( Discovery Service e2e tests
* [32c05bd]( [FAB-10689]( add collection config to peer runner
* [74ee0ff]( [FAB-10687]( create sd runner for e2e tests
* [d1c39f9]( [FAB-10722]( fix data race on MockLedgerInfo
* [b7fbc81]( [FAB-9144]( fix data race in TestDisconnect
* [c561eb2]( [FAB-10718]( fix config read/write race in Test..
* [ff89f3e]( [FAB-9143]( fix data race in TestOrderingService...
* [80558c5]( [FAB-10714]( fix data race on grpc.EnableTracing
* [7e1d5b4]( [FAB-9141]( Data race in TestGenerateDockerBuild2
* [1aa4d88]( [FAB-9133]( Data race in TestGenerateDockerBuild2
* [a751f15]( [FAB-9159]( fix data race in kafka logger test
* [b2c1a08]( [FAB-10960]( Clarify doc for private data limitations
* [91567fe]( [FAB-10922]( "-m" from in tutorials
* [b37b14d]( [FAB-10747]( Fix endorsedAt block in transientstore
* [cb27109]( [FAB-10888]( Turn skipped pvt due BTL log to WARN
* [ee1ec2f]( [FAB-10860]( Fix nil pointer access by broken cert
* [9660e5a]( [FAB-10847]( Update peer channel docs
* [67ca4c6]( [FAB-10854]( Update bootstrap script
* [f2c1a47]( [FAB-10855]( Cleanup unsupported capabilities panic msgs
* [6149c08]( [FAB-10836]( Fix releases in README
* [56f49c7]( [FAB-10843]( Properly detect validation execution errors
* [5d23bb6]( [FAB-10837]( Fix links on releases
* [149447b]( [FAB-10818]( Minor edit to Intro
* [2cd704a]( [FAB-10548]( MockStub implements GetDecorations
* [8cdfcc2]( [FAB-10815]( remove javaenv from
* [28d0a9d]( [FAB-10788]( Fix range query info in simulation results
* [ed2ade2]( [FAB-10783]( Fix wrong pkg/lib name in devenv.rst
* [e86f02c]( [FAB-10751]( prepare for next release
* [ad753d4]( [FAB-9444]( Glossary icons
* [5d8a35e]( [FAB-10617]( Add writeset validation check during commit
* [7e16a81]( [FAB-10701]( Remove "ppc64le" from release_platform
* [427a7bb]( [FAB-10663]( Config can include custom templates
* [418f266]( [FAB-9751]( address flakes in dockercontroller_test
* [46cf17f]( [FAB-10163]( Detect trailing args for 'peer version'
* [c78e90d]( [FAB-10169]( add support to retrieve metadata
## v1.2.0
Thu Jun 21 17:17:37 EDT 2018
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ PROJECT_NAME = $(PROJECT_NAME)/fabric
PROJECT_NAME = hyperledger/fabric
BUILD_DIR ?= .build
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ open source architecture; Hyperledger Fabric is your starting point.
## Releases
- [v1.3.0-rc1 - September 24, 2018](
- [v1.2.0 - July 3, 2018](
- [v1.2.0-rc1 - June 22, 2018](
- [v1.1.0 - March 15, 2018](
......@@ -56,6 +57,7 @@ Please visit the [Hyperledger Fabric wiki](
Please visit our
online documentation for
information on getting started using and developing with the fabric, SDK and chaincode:
- [v1.3](
- [v1.2](
- [v1.1](
- [v1.0](
......@@ -93,4 +95,3 @@ Check [the documentation](testingInfo.rst) for information on the testing struct
## License <a name="license"></a>
Hyperledger Project source code files are made available under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (Apache-2.0), located in the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file. Hyperledger Project documentation files are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-4.0), available at
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ Fabric Samples and binaries, go ahead and execute the following command:
.. code:: bash
curl -sSL | bash -s 1.2.0
curl -sSL | bash -s 1.3.0-rc1
.. note:: If you want to download Fabric, Fabric-ca and thirdparty Docker images
you must pass the version identifier to the script.
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ Fabric Samples and binaries, go ahead and execute the following command:
.. code:: bash
curl -sSL | bash -s <fabric> <fabric-ca> <thirdparty>
curl -sSL | bash -s 1.2.0 1.2.0 0.4.10
curl -sSL | bash -s 1.3.0-rc1 1.3.0-rc1 0.4.12
.. note:: If you get an error running the above curl command, you may
have too old a version of curl that does not handle
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ Fabric Samples and binaries, go ahead and execute the following command:
.. note:: You can use the command above for any published version of Hyperledger
Fabric. Simply replace `1.2.0` with the version identifier
Fabric. Simply replace `1.3.0-rc1` with the version identifier
of the version you wish to install.
The command above downloads and executes a bash script
v1.3.0-rc1 Release Notes - September 24, 2018
What's New in Hyperledger Fabric v1.3
The following features/epics are included in this release:
FAB-10120 - Identity Mixer for anonymous transactions
Keep client identities anonymous and unlinkable through the use of
zero-knowledge proofs.
FAB-8812 - State-based endorsement
Allows the default chaincode-level endorsement policy to be overridden by a
per-key endorsement policy.