Commit 37be9010 authored by Christopher Ferris's avatar Christopher Ferris Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "[FAB-5114] Makefile fix for right version computation"

parents ed381a92 65ffb7de
......@@ -350,6 +350,8 @@ release/%/bin/orderer: $(PROJECT_FILES)
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/peer: GO_LDFLAGS = $(patsubst %,-X $(PKGNAME)/common/metadata.%,$(METADATA_VAR))
release/%/bin/peer: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
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