Commit 38157497 authored by David Enyeart's avatar David Enyeart Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "[FAB-12599] Remove unused variable in peer code"

parents 9a35fe83 95a57a94
......@@ -95,14 +95,12 @@ const (
var chaincodeDevMode bool
var orderingEndpoint string
func startCmd() *cobra.Command {
// Set the flags on the node start command.
flags := nodeStartCmd.Flags()
flags.BoolVarP(&chaincodeDevMode, "peer-chaincodedev", "", false,
"Whether peer in chaincode development mode")
flags.StringVarP(&orderingEndpoint, "orderer", "o", "orderer:7050", "Ordering service endpoint")
return nodeStartCmd
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