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[FAB-11102] Visual Vocab

Added images from our visual vocabulary
library to the Glossary & updated
definition for Block. 

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......@@ -49,17 +49,42 @@ on a per profile basis in the "Profiles" section.
.. _Block:
An ordered set of transactions that is cryptographically linked to the
preceding block(s) on a channel.
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.block.png
:scale: 50 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 40 %
:alt: A Block
Block B1 is linked to block B0. Block B2 is linked to block B1.
A block contains an ordered set of transactions. It is cryptographically linked
to the preceding block, and in turn it is linked to be subsequent blocks. The
first block in such a chain of blocks is called the **genesis block**. Blocks
are created by the ordering system, and validated by peers.
.. _Chain:
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.blockchain.png
:scale: 75 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 40 %
:alt: Blockchain
Blockchain B contains blocks 0, 1, 2.
The ledger's chain is a transaction log structured as hash-linked blocks of
transactions. Peers receive blocks of transactions from the ordering service, mark
the block's transactions as valid or invalid based on endorsement policies and
......@@ -75,9 +100,20 @@ See Smart-Contract_.
.. _Channel:
.. figure:: ./glossary/
:scale: 30 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 40 %
:alt: A Channel
Channel C connects application A1, peer P2 and ordering service O1.
A channel is a private blockchain overlay which allows for data
isolation and confidentiality. A channel-specific ledger is shared across the
peers in the channel, and transacting parties must be properly authenticated to
......@@ -262,9 +298,18 @@ the same organization.
.. _Ledger:
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.ledger.png
:scale: 25 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 20 %
:alt: A Ledger
A Ledger, 'L'
A ledger consists of two distinct, though related, parts -- a "blockchain" and
the "state database", also known as "world state". Unlike other ledgers,
......@@ -294,6 +339,15 @@ See Organization_.
Membership Service Provider
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.msp.png
:scale: 35 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 25 %
:alt: An MSP
The Membership Service Provider (MSP) refers to an abstract component of the
system that provides credentials to clients, and peers for them to participate
in a Hyperledger Fabric network. Clients use these credentials to authenticate
......@@ -329,7 +383,20 @@ identity material tied to each Member_.
.. _Organization:
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.organization.png
:scale: 25 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 20 %
:alt: An Organization
An organization, 'ORG'
Also known as "members", organizations are invited to join the blockchain network
by a blockchain service provider. An organization is joined to a network by adding its
Membership Service Provider (MSP_) to the network. The MSP defines how other members of the
......@@ -346,6 +413,14 @@ will be part of a consortium.
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.peer.png
:scale: 25 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 20 %
:alt: A Peer
A peer, 'P'
A network entity that maintains a ledger and runs chaincode containers in order to perform
read/write operations to the ledger. Peers are owned and maintained by members.
......@@ -467,6 +542,14 @@ channels relative to their aligned and varying business agendas.
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.transaction.png
:scale: 30 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 20 %
:alt: A Transaction
A transaction, 'T'
Invoke or instantiate results that are submitted for ordering, validation, and commit.
Invokes are requests to read/write data from the ledger. Instantiate is a request to
start and initialize a chaincode on a channel. Application clients gather invoke or
......@@ -478,6 +561,14 @@ into a transaction that is submitted for ordering, validation, and commit.
World State
.. figure:: ./glossary/glossary.worldstate.png
:scale: 40 %
:align: right
:figwidth: 25 %
:alt: Current State
The World State, 'W'
Also known as the “current state”, the world state is a component of the
HyperLedger Fabric :ref:`Ledger`. The world state represents the latest values
for all keys included in the chain transaction log. Chaincode executes
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