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# Copyright IBM Corp All Rights Reserved.
# Copyright London Stock Exchange Group All Rights Reserved.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
# -------------------------------------------------------------
# This makefile defines the following targets
# - all (default) - builds all targets and runs all non-integration tests/checks
# - checks - runs all non-integration tests/checks
# - desk-check - runs linters and verify to test changed packages
# - configtxgen - builds a native configtxgen binary
# - configtxlator - builds a native configtxlator binary
# - cryptogen - builds a native cryptogen binary
# - idemixgen - builds a native idemixgen binary
# - peer - builds a native fabric peer binary
# - orderer - builds a native fabric orderer binary
# - release - builds release packages for the host platform
# - release-all - builds release packages for all target platforms
# - unit-test - runs the go-test based unit tests
# - verify - runs unit tests for only the changed package tree
# - profile - runs unit tests for all packages in coverprofile mode (slow)
# - test-cmd - generates a "go test" string suitable for manual customization
# - gotools - installs go tools like golint
# - linter - runs all code checks
# - check-deps - check for vendored dependencies that are no longer used
# - license - checks go source files for Apache license header
# - native - ensures all native binaries are available
# - docker[-clean] - ensures all docker images are available[/cleaned]
# - docker-list - generates a list of docker images that 'make docker' produces
# - peer-docker[-clean] - ensures the peer container is available[/cleaned]
# - orderer-docker[-clean] - ensures the orderer container is available[/cleaned]
# - tools-docker[-clean] - ensures the tools container is available[/cleaned]
# - protos - generate all protobuf artifacts based on .proto files
# - clean - cleans the build area
# - clean-all - superset of 'clean' that also removes persistent state
# - dist-clean - clean release packages for all target platforms
# - unit-test-clean - cleans unit test state (particularly from docker)
# - basic-checks - performs basic checks like license, spelling, trailing spaces and linter
# - enable_ci_only_tests - triggers unit-tests in downstream jobs. Applicable only for CI not to
# use in the local machine.
# - docker-thirdparty - pulls thirdparty images (kafka,zookeeper,couchdb)
# - docker-tag-latest - re-tags the images made by 'make docker' with the :latest tag
# - docker-tag-stable - re-tags the images made by 'make docker' with the :stable tag
# - help-docs - generate the command reference docs
# Allow to build as a submodule setting the main project to
# the PROJECT_NAME env variable, for example,
# export PROJECT_NAME=hyperledger/fabric-test
ifeq ($(PROJECT_NAME),true)
PROJECT_NAME = hyperledger/fabric
BUILD_DIR ?= .build
EXTRA_VERSION ?= $(shell git rev-parse --short HEAD)
ARCH=$(shell go env GOARCH)
MARCH=$(shell go env GOOS)-$(shell go env GOARCH)
# defined in common/metadata/metadata.go
METADATA_VAR += DockerNamespace=$(DOCKER_NS)
METADATA_VAR += BaseDockerNamespace=$(BASE_DOCKER_NS)
GO_LDFLAGS = $(patsubst %,-X $(PKGNAME)/common/metadata.%,$(METADATA_VAR))
CHAINTOOL_URL ?=$(CHAINTOOL_RELEASE)/hyperledger-fabric-chaintool-$(CHAINTOOL_RELEASE).jar
EXECUTABLES ?= go docker git curl
K := $(foreach exec,$(EXECUTABLES),\
$(if $(shell which $(exec)),some string,$(error "No $(exec) in PATH: Check dependencies")))
GOSHIM_DEPS = $(shell ./scripts/ $(PKGNAME)/core/chaincode/shim)
PROTOS = $(shell git ls-files *.proto | grep -Ev 'vendor/|testdata/')
# No sense rebuilding when non production code is changed
PROJECT_FILES = $(shell git ls-files | grep -v ^test | grep -v ^unit-test | \
grep -v ^.git | grep -v ^examples | grep -v ^devenv | grep -v .png$ | \
grep -v ^LICENSE | grep -v ^vendor )
RELEASE_TEMPLATES = $(shell git ls-files | grep "release/templates")
IMAGES = peer orderer ccenv buildenv tools
RELEASE_PLATFORMS = windows-amd64 darwin-amd64 linux-amd64 linux-s390x linux-ppc64le
RELEASE_PKGS = configtxgen cryptogen idemixgen discover configtxlator peer orderer
pkgmap.cryptogen := $(PKGNAME)/common/tools/cryptogen
pkgmap.idemixgen := $(PKGNAME)/common/tools/idemixgen
pkgmap.configtxgen := $(PKGNAME)/common/tools/configtxgen
pkgmap.configtxlator := $(PKGNAME)/common/tools/configtxlator
pkgmap.peer := $(PKGNAME)/peer
pkgmap.orderer := $(PKGNAME)/orderer
pkgmap.block-listener := $(PKGNAME)/examples/events/block-listener := $(PKGNAME)/cmd/discover
all: native docker checks
checks: basic-checks unit-test integration-test
basic-checks: license spelling trailing-spaces linter check-metrics-doc
desk-check: checks verify
help-docs: native
# Pull thirdparty docker images based on the latest baseimage release version
.PHONY: docker-thirdparty
docker pull $(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-couchdb:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG)
docker tag $(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-couchdb:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-couchdb
docker pull $(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-zookeeper:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG)
docker tag $(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-zookeeper:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-zookeeper
docker pull $(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-kafka:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG)
docker tag $(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-kafka:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-kafka
.PHONY: spelling
.PHONY: license
.PHONY: trailing-spaces
.PHONY: gotools
gotools: gotools-install
.PHONY: peer
peer: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/peer
peer-docker: $(BUILD_DIR)/image/peer/$(DUMMY)
.PHONY: orderer
orderer: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/orderer
orderer-docker: $(BUILD_DIR)/image/orderer/$(DUMMY)
.PHONY: configtxgen
configtxgen: GO_LDFLAGS=-X $(pkgmap.$(@F))/metadata.CommitSHA=$(EXTRA_VERSION)
configtxgen: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/configtxgen
configtxlator: GO_LDFLAGS=-X $(pkgmap.$(@F))/metadata.CommitSHA=$(EXTRA_VERSION)
configtxlator: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/configtxlator
cryptogen: GO_LDFLAGS=-X $(pkgmap.$(@F))/metadata.CommitSHA=$(EXTRA_VERSION)
cryptogen: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/cryptogen
idemixgen: GO_LDFLAGS=-X $(pkgmap.$(@F))/metadata.CommitSHA=$(EXTRA_VERSION)
idemixgen: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/idemixgen
discover: GO_LDFLAGS=-X $(pkgmap.$(@F))/metadata.Version=$(PROJECT_VERSION)
discover: $(BUILD_DIR)/bin/discover
tools-docker: $(BUILD_DIR)/image/tools/$(DUMMY)
buildenv: $(BUILD_DIR)/image/buildenv/$(DUMMY)
ccenv: $(BUILD_DIR)/image/ccenv/$(DUMMY)
.PHONY: integration-test
integration-test: gotool.ginkgo ccenv docker-thirdparty
unit-test: unit-test-clean peer-docker docker-thirdparty ccenv
unit-tests: unit-test
enable_ci_only_tests: unit-test
verify: export JOB_TYPE=VERIFY
verify: unit-test
profile: export JOB_TYPE=PROFILE
profile: unit-test
# Generates a string to the terminal suitable for manual augmentation / re-issue, useful for running tests by hand
@echo "go test -tags \"$(GO_TAGS)\""
docker: $(patsubst %,$(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/$(DUMMY), $(IMAGES))
native: peer orderer configtxgen cryptogen idemixgen configtxlator discover
linter: check-deps buildenv
@echo "LINT: Running code checks.."
@$(DRUN) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-buildenv:$(DOCKER_TAG) ./scripts/
check-deps: buildenv
@echo "DEP: Checking for dependency issues.."
@$(DRUN) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-buildenv:$(DOCKER_TAG) ./scripts/
check-metrics-doc: buildenv
@echo "METRICS: Checking for outdated reference documentation.."
@$(DRUN) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-buildenv:$(DOCKER_TAG) ./scripts/ check
generate-metrics-doc: buildenv
@echo "Generating metrics reference documentation..."
@$(DRUN) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-buildenv:$(DOCKER_TAG) ./scripts/ generate
$(BUILD_DIR)/%/chaintool: Makefile
@echo "Installing chaintool"
@mkdir -p $(@D)
curl -fL $(CHAINTOOL_URL) > $@
chmod +x $@
# We (re)build a package within a docker context but persist the $GOPATH/pkg
# directory so that subsequent builds are faster
$(BUILD_DIR)/docker/bin/%: $(PROJECT_FILES)
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/bin/%,%,${@}})
@echo "Building $@"
@mkdir -p $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/bin $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/$(TARGET)/pkg
@$(DRUN) \
-v $(abspath $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/bin):/opt/gopath/bin \
-v $(abspath $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/$(TARGET)/pkg):/opt/gopath/pkg \
$(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-baseimage:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG) \
go install -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(DOCKER_GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
@touch $@
mkdir -p $@
./scripts/ v$(PREV_VERSION) v$(BASE_VERSION)
$(BUILD_DIR)/docker/gotools/bin/protoc-gen-go: $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/gotools
@echo "Building dockerized gotools"
@mkdir -p $@/bin $@/obj
@$(DRUN) \
-v $(abspath $@):/opt/gotools \
-w /opt/gopath/src/$(PKGNAME) \
$(BASE_DOCKER_NS)/fabric-baseimage:$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG) \
make -f GOTOOLS_BINDIR=/opt/gotools/bin GOTOOLS_GOPATH=/opt/gotools/obj
@mkdir -p $(@D)
@echo "$@"
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOBIN=$(abspath $(@D)) go install -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
@echo "Binary available as $@"
@touch $@
# payload definitions'
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/ccenv/payload: $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/gotools/bin/protoc-gen-go \
$(BUILD_DIR)/bin/chaintool \
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/peer/payload: $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/bin/peer \
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/orderer/payload: $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/bin/orderer \
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/buildenv/payload: $(BUILD_DIR)/gotools.tar.bz2 \
mkdir -p $@
cp $^ $@
.PRECIOUS: $(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/Dockerfile
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/Dockerfile: images/%/
mkdir -p $(@D)
@cat $< \
| sed -e 's|_BASE_NS_|$(BASE_DOCKER_NS)|g' \
| sed -e 's|_NS_|$(DOCKER_NS)|g' \
| sed -e 's|_BASE_TAG_|$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG)|g' \
| sed -e 's|_TAG_|$(DOCKER_TAG)|g' \
> $@
@echo LABEL $(BASE_DOCKER_LABEL).version=$(BASE_VERSION) \\>>$@
@echo " " $(BASE_DOCKER_LABEL).base.version=$(BASEIMAGE_RELEASE)>>$@
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/tools/$(DUMMY): $(BUILD_DIR)/image/tools/Dockerfile
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst $(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/$(DUMMY),%,${@}})
@echo "Building docker $(TARGET)-image"
$(DBUILD) -t $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET) -f $(@D)/Dockerfile .
docker tag $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(DOCKER_TAG)
docker tag $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(ARCH)-latest
@touch $@
$(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/$(DUMMY): Makefile $(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/payload $(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/Dockerfile
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst $(BUILD_DIR)/image/%/$(DUMMY),%,${@}})
@echo "Building docker $(TARGET)-image"
$(DBUILD) -t $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET) $(@D)
docker tag $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(DOCKER_TAG)
docker tag $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(ARCH)-latest
@touch $@
$(BUILD_DIR)/gotools.tar.bz2: $(BUILD_DIR)/docker/gotools
(cd $</bin && tar -jc *) > $@
$(BUILD_DIR)/goshim.tar.bz2: $(GOSHIM_DEPS)
@echo "Creating $@"
@tar -jhc -C $(GOPATH)/src $(patsubst $(GOPATH)/src/%,%,$(GOSHIM_DEPS)) > $@
$(BUILD_DIR)/sampleconfig.tar.bz2: $(shell find sampleconfig -type f)
(cd sampleconfig && tar -jc *) > $@
$(BUILD_DIR)/protos.tar.bz2: $(PROTOS)
@echo "Creating $@"
@tar -jc $^ > $@
# builds release packages for the host platform
release: $(patsubst %,release/%, $(MARCH))
# builds release packages for all target platforms
release-all: $(patsubst %,release/%, $(RELEASE_PLATFORMS))
release/%: GO_LDFLAGS=-X $(pkgmap.$(@F))/metadata.CommitSHA=$(EXTRA_VERSION)
release/windows-amd64: GOOS=windows
release/windows-amd64: $(patsubst %,release/windows-amd64/bin/%, $(RELEASE_PKGS)) release/windows-amd64/install
release/darwin-amd64: GOOS=darwin
release/darwin-amd64: $(patsubst %,release/darwin-amd64/bin/%, $(RELEASE_PKGS)) release/darwin-amd64/install
release/linux-amd64: GOOS=linux
release/linux-amd64: $(patsubst %,release/linux-amd64/bin/%, $(RELEASE_PKGS)) release/linux-amd64/install
release/%-amd64: GOARCH=amd64
release/linux-%: GOOS=linux
release/linux-s390x: GOARCH=s390x
release/linux-s390x: $(patsubst %,release/linux-s390x/bin/%, $(RELEASE_PKGS)) release/linux-s390x/install
release/linux-ppc64le: GOARCH=ppc64le
release/linux-ppc64le: $(patsubst %,release/linux-ppc64le/bin/%, $(RELEASE_PKGS)) release/linux-ppc64le/install
release/%/bin/configtxlator: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/configtxgen: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/cryptogen: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/idemixgen: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/discover: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/orderer: GO_LDFLAGS = $(patsubst %,-X $(PKGNAME)/common/metadata.%,$(METADATA_VAR))
release/%/bin/orderer: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/bin/peer: GO_LDFLAGS = $(patsubst %,-X $(PKGNAME)/common/metadata.%,$(METADATA_VAR))
release/%/bin/peer: $(PROJECT_FILES)
@echo "Building $@ for $(GOOS)-$(GOARCH)"
mkdir -p $(@D)
$(CGO_FLAGS) GOOS=$(GOOS) GOARCH=$(GOARCH) go build -o $(abspath $@) -tags "$(GO_TAGS)" -ldflags "$(GO_LDFLAGS)" $(pkgmap.$(@F))
release/%/install: $(PROJECT_FILES)
mkdir -p $(@D)/bin
@cat $(@D)/../templates/ \
| sed -e 's|_NS_|$(DOCKER_NS)|g' \
| sed -e 's|_ARCH_|$(GOARCH)|g' \
| sed -e 's|_VERSION_|$(PROJECT_VERSION)|g' \
| sed -e 's|_BASE_DOCKER_TAG_|$(BASE_DOCKER_TAG)|g' \
> $(@D)/bin/
@chmod +x $(@D)/bin/
.PHONY: dist
dist: dist-clean dist/$(MARCH)
dist-all: dist-clean $(patsubst %,dist/%, $(RELEASE_PLATFORMS))
dist/%: release/%
mkdir -p release/$(@F)/config
cp -r sampleconfig/*.yaml release/$(@F)/config
cd release/$(@F) && tar -czvf hyperledger-fabric-$(@F).$(PROJECT_VERSION).tar.gz *
.PHONY: protos
protos: buildenv
@$(DRUN) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-buildenv:$(DOCKER_TAG) ./scripts/
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst %-docker-list,%,${@}})
@echo $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(DOCKER_TAG)
docker-list: $(patsubst %,%-docker-list, $(IMAGES))
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst %-docker-clean,%,${@}})
-docker images --quiet --filter=reference='$(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(ARCH)-$(BASE_VERSION)$(if $(EXTRA_VERSION),-snapshot-*,)' | xargs docker rmi -f
-@rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)/image/$(TARGET) ||:
docker-clean: $(patsubst %,%-docker-clean, $(IMAGES))
docker-tag-latest: $(IMAGES:%=%-docker-tag-latest)
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst %-docker-tag-latest,%,${@}})
docker tag $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(DOCKER_TAG) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):latest
docker-tag-stable: $(IMAGES:%=%-docker-tag-stable)
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst %-docker-tag-stable,%,${@}})
docker tag $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):$(DOCKER_TAG) $(DOCKER_NS)/fabric-$(TARGET):stable
.PHONY: clean
clean: docker-clean unit-test-clean release-clean
-@rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)
.PHONY: clean-all
clean-all: clean gotools-clean dist-clean
-@rm -rf /var/hyperledger/*
-@rm -rf docs/build/
.PHONY: dist-clean
-@rm -rf release/windows-amd64/hyperledger-fabric-windows-amd64.$(PROJECT_VERSION).tar.gz
-@rm -rf release/darwin-amd64/hyperledger-fabric-darwin-amd64.$(PROJECT_VERSION).tar.gz
-@rm -rf release/linux-amd64/hyperledger-fabric-linux-amd64.$(PROJECT_VERSION).tar.gz
-@rm -rf release/linux-s390x/hyperledger-fabric-linux-s390x.$(PROJECT_VERSION).tar.gz
-@rm -rf release/linux-ppc64le/hyperledger-fabric-linux-ppc64le.$(PROJECT_VERSION).tar.gz
$(eval TARGET = ${patsubst %-release-clean,%,${@}})
-@rm -rf release/$(TARGET)
release-clean: $(patsubst %,%-release-clean, $(RELEASE_PLATFORMS))
.PHONY: unit-test-clean
cd unit-test && docker-compose down
......@@ -28,7 +28,6 @@ open source architecture; Hyperledger Fabric is your starting point.
## Releases
- [v1.4.1-rc1 - March 29, 2019](
- [v1.4.0 - January 9, 2019](
- [v1.4.0-rc2 - December 20, 2018](
- [v1.4.0-rc1 - December 10, 2018](
......@@ -108,10 +108,12 @@ func (v *Validator) ValidateAndPrepareBatch(block *internal.Block, doMVCCValidat
tx.ValidationCode = validationCode
if validationCode == peer.TxValidationCode_VALID {
logger.Debugf("Block [%d] Transaction index [%d] TxId [%s] marked as valid by state validator", block.Num, tx.IndexInBlock, tx.ID)
committingTxHeight := version.NewHeight(block.Num, uint64(tx.IndexInBlock))
updates.ApplyWriteSet(tx.RWSet, committingTxHeight, v.db)
} else {
logger.Warningf("Block [%d] Transaction index [%d] TxId [%s] marked as invalid by state validator. Reason code [%s]",
block.Num, tx.IndexInBlock, tx.ID, validationCode.String())
package statebasedval
import (
var (
invalid int
total int
m sync.RWMutex
printed bool
func RecordTx(isValid bool) {
if !isValid {
func PrintRate() {
if !printed {
fmt.Printf("txval,%d,%d,%f\n", total, invalid, float64(invalid)/float64(10000))
printed = true
func GetCount() int {
i := total
return i
......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ import (
pb ""
......@@ -625,6 +627,9 @@ func (s *GossipStateProviderImpl) updateLedgerHeight(cIn chan *PipelineData) {
for {
job := <-cIn
s.mediator.UpdateLedgerHeight(job.block.Header.Number+1, common2.ChainID(s.chainID))
if statebasedval.GetCount() >= 20002 {
......@@ -694,6 +699,7 @@ func (s *GossipStateProviderImpl) deliverPayloads() {
select {
// Wait for notification that next seq has arrived
case <-s.payloads.Ready():
logger.Debugf("[%s] Ready to transfer payloads (blocks) to the ledger, next block number is = [%d]", s.chainID, s.payloads.Next())
// Collect all subsequent payloads
for payload := s.payloads.Pop(); payload != nil; payload = s.payloads.Pop() {
# Copyright IBM Corp All Rights Reserved.
# Copyright London Stock Exchange Group All Rights Reserved.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
GOTOOLS = counterfeiter dep golint goimports protoc-gen-go ginkgo gocov gocov-xml misspell mockery manifest-tool
BUILD_DIR ?= .build
# go tool->path mapping
go.fqp.counterfeiter :=
go.fqp.gocov :=
go.fqp.gocov-xml :=
go.fqp.goimports :=
go.fqp.golint :=
go.fqp.manifest-tool :=
go.fqp.misspell :=
go.fqp.mockery :=
.PHONY: gotools-install
gotools-install: $(patsubst %,$(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)/%, $(GOTOOLS))
.PHONY: gotools-clean
-@rm -rf $(BUILD_DIR)/gotools
# Special override for protoc-gen-go since we want to use the version vendored with the project
@echo "Building -> protoc-gen-go"
GOBIN=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)) go install ./vendor/
# Special override for ginkgo since we want to use the version vendored with the project
@echo "Building -> ginkgo"
GOBIN=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)) go install ./vendor/
# Special override for goimports since we want to use the version vendored with the project
@echo "Building -> goimports"
GOBIN=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)) go install ./vendor/
# Special override for golint since we want to use the version vendored with the project
@echo "Building -> golint"
GOBIN=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)) go install ./vendor/
# Lock to a versioned dep
gotool.dep: DEP_VERSION ?= "v0.5.0"
@GOPATH=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_GOPATH)) go get -d -u
@git -C $(abspath $(GOTOOLS_GOPATH))/src/ checkout -q $(DEP_VERSION)
@echo "Building $(DEP_VERSION) -> dep"
@GOPATH=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_GOPATH)) GOBIN=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)) go install -ldflags="-X main.version=$(DEP_VERSION) -X main.buildDate=$$(date '+%Y-%m-%d')"
@git -C $(abspath $(GOTOOLS_GOPATH))/src/ checkout -q master
# Default rule for gotools uses the name->path map for a generic 'go get' style build
$(eval TOOL = ${subst gotool.,,${@}})
@echo "Building ${go.fqp.${TOOL}} -> $(TOOL)"
@GOPATH=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_GOPATH)) GOBIN=$(abspath $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)) go get ${go.fqp.${TOOL}}
$(eval TOOL = ${subst $(GOTOOLS_BINDIR)/,,${@}})
@$(MAKE) -f gotool.$(TOOL)
......@@ -131,6 +131,16 @@ func parseWorkload(cmd *cobra.Command) ([]*WorkloadEntry, error) {
input := &pb.ChaincodeInput{}
text := scanner.Text()
fields := strings.Fields(text)
err := json.Unmarshal([]byte(fields[3]), &input)