Unverified Commit 89e67f35 authored by yacovm's avatar yacovm Committed by Artem Barger
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[FAB-14111] Remove unused function IsMembershipUpdate

The function is no longer used.

Change-Id: Ic19762fd1cfa0d691816220e74977ba9efcce366
Signed-off-by: default avataryacovm <yacovm@il.ibm.com>
parent 5c2e2122
......@@ -296,27 +296,6 @@ func ConsensusMetadataFromConfigBlock(block *common.Block) (*etcdraft.Metadata,
return MetadataFromConfigUpdate(configUpdate)
// IsMembershipUpdate checks whenever block is config block and carries
// raft cluster membership updates
func IsMembershipUpdate(block *common.Block, currentMetadata *etcdraft.RaftMetadata) (bool, error) {
if !utils.IsConfigBlock(block) {
return false, nil
metadata, err := ConsensusMetadataFromConfigBlock(block)
if err != nil {
return false, errors.Wrap(err, "error reading consensus metadata")
if metadata != nil {
changes := ComputeMembershipChanges(currentMetadata.Consenters, metadata.Consenters)
return changes.TotalChanges > 0, nil
return false, nil
// ConsenterCertificate denotes a TLS certificate of a consenter
type ConsenterCertificate []byte
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