Commit 8c6965ca authored by Nao Nishijima's avatar Nao Nishijima
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[FAB-5103] unused code in common packages

This patch set deletes unused code in common packages.
field msg in common/config/standardvalues_test.go is
intentionally unused

Change-Id: Ic37049262875e3405fd6f8553a4bbd00591cb286
Signed-off-by: default avatarNao Nishijima <>
parent dc7c40b7
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ type MockCCComm struct {
name string
bailOnError bool
keepAlive *pb.ChaincodeMessage
sendOnRecv *pb.ChaincodeMessage
recvStream chan *pb.ChaincodeMessage
sendStream chan *pb.ChaincodeMessage
respIndex int
......@@ -18,11 +18,8 @@ package rest
import (
var logger = logging.MustGetLogger("configtxlator/rest")
func NewRouter() *mux.Router {
router := mux.NewRouter().StrictSlash(true)
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