Commit ac5c5b27 authored by Gari Singh's avatar Gari Singh
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[FAB-12606] Remove unnecessary CC Type check

It is not actually necessary to specify the
CC type when instantiating chaincode as
CC name and version are actually used to
get the installed chaincode bytes from the

With this change, CCType is no longer checked
at all during instantiate and is therefore no
longer required (which will make things easier
for clients)

Change-Id: Ic1decbf98cf28689f85af94931fa121461ef1e4d
Signed-off-by: default avatarGari Singh <>
parent 891cd7d9
......@@ -863,9 +863,10 @@ func (lscc *LifeCycleSysCC) Invoke(stub shim.ChaincodeStubInterface) pb.Response
depSpec := args[2]
cds, err := utils.GetChaincodeDeploymentSpec(depSpec, lscc.PlatformRegistry)
cds := &pb.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec{}
err := proto.Unmarshal(depSpec, cds)
if err != nil {
return shim.Error(err.Error())
return shim.Error(fmt.Sprintf("error unmarshaling ChaincodeDeploymentSpec: %s", err))
// optional arguments here (they can each be nil and may or may not be present)
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