Unverified Commit bd6bd0ec authored by Jay Guo's avatar Jay Guo Committed by Artem Barger
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[FAB-12709] Add integration test for CheckQuorum

Change-Id: Ie80ff2f11de59a216a94fc61330f9d625ed16e59
Signed-off-by: default avatarJay Guo <guojiannan1101@gmail.com>
parent 50a09fd0
......@@ -269,6 +269,77 @@ var _ = Describe("EndToEnd Crash Fault Tolerance", func() {
By(fmt.Sprintf("Orderer %d took over as a leader", leader))
When("Leader cannot reach quorum", func() {
It("Steps down", func() {
network = nwo.New(nwo.MultiNodeEtcdRaft(), testDir, client, 33000, components)
o1, o2, o3 := network.Orderer("orderer1"), network.Orderer("orderer2"), network.Orderer("orderer3")
orderers := []*nwo.Orderer{o1, o2, o3}
peer = network.Peer("Org1", "peer1")
By("Running the orderer nodes")
o1Runner := network.OrdererRunner(o1)
o2Runner := network.OrdererRunner(o2)
o3Runner := network.OrdererRunner(o3)
oRunners := []*ginkgomon.Runner{o1Runner, o2Runner, o3Runner}
o1Proc = ifrit.Invoke(o1Runner)
o2Proc = ifrit.Invoke(o2Runner)
o3Proc = ifrit.Invoke(o3Runner)
peerGroup := network.PeerGroupRunner()
peerProc = ifrit.Invoke(peerGroup)
By("Waiting for them to elect a leader")
ordererProcesses := []ifrit.Process{o1Proc, o2Proc, o3Proc}
remainingAliveRunners := []*ginkgomon.Runner{o1Runner, o2Runner, o3Runner}
leaderID := findLeader(remainingAliveRunners)
leaderIndex := leaderID - 1
leader := orderers[leaderIndex]
followerIndices := func() []int {
f := []int{}
for i := range ordererProcesses {
if leaderIndex != i {
f = append(f, i)
return f
By(fmt.Sprintf("Killing two followers (%d and %d)", followerIndices[0]+1, followerIndices[1]+1))
By("Waiting for followers to die")
Eventually(ordererProcesses[followerIndices[0]].Wait(), network.EventuallyTimeout).Should(Receive())
Eventually(ordererProcesses[followerIndices[1]].Wait(), network.EventuallyTimeout).Should(Receive())
By("Waiting for leader to step down")
Eventually(oRunners[leaderIndex].Err(), time.Minute, time.Second).Should(gbytes.Say(fmt.Sprintf("%d stepped down to follower since quorum is not active", leaderID)))
By("Failing to perform operation on leader due to its resignation")
// This should fail because current leader steps down
// and there is no leader at this point of time
sess, err := network.PeerAdminSession(peer, commands.ChannelCreate{
ChannelID: "testchannel",
Orderer: network.OrdererAddress(leader, nwo.ListenPort),
File: network.CreateChannelTxPath("testchannel"),
OutputBlock: "/dev/null",
func RunInvoke(n *nwo.Network, orderer *nwo.Orderer, peer *nwo.Peer, channel string) {
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