Commit c0c35e89 authored by kutenglaoshu's avatar kutenglaoshu
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[FAB-13108] conn never return nil

Change-Id: Ie8d7f1180c80efab20bfcb644f293bee3c3d7adc
Signed-off-by: default avatarkutenglaoshu <>
parent f6562293
......@@ -579,12 +579,6 @@ func (c *commImpl) GossipStream(stream proto.Gossip_GossipStreamServer) error {
conn := c.connStore.onConnected(stream, connInfo)
// if connStore denied the connection, it means we already have a connection to that peer
// so close this stream
if conn == nil {
return nil
h := func(m *proto.SignedGossipMessage) {
conn: conn,
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