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[FAB-11701] Prover Peer proto (with import request)

Define the protobuf messages and services needed to allow a
client to request the execution of specific command,
(i.e.: request import, transfer, list tokens, and so on).
 The messages should guarantee the following properties:
- client request and prover peer response are authenticated
- prover peer response is cryptographically bound to the
corresponding request. The link must be succinct and it
should not be possible to derive from it the response's content.

As example of the available commands, an import request
command will be defined as well.

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Copyright IBM Corp. All Rights Reserved.
SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
option java_package = "org.hyperledger.fabric.protos.token";
package protos;
import "google/protobuf/timestamp.proto";
import "token/transaction.proto";
// TokenToIssue describes a token to be issued in the system
message TokenToIssue {
// Recipient refers to the owner of the token to be issued
bytes recipient = 1;
// Type refers to the token type
string type = 2;
// Quantity refers to the number of token units to be issued
uint64 quantity = 3;
// ImportRequest is used to request creation of imports
message ImportRequest {
// Credential contains information about the party who is requesting the operation
// the content of this field depends on the charateristic of the token manager system used.
bytes credential = 1;
// TokenToIssue contains the information about the tokens to be issued
repeated TokenToIssue tokens_to_issue = 2;
// Header is a generic replay prevention and identity message to include in a signed command
message Header {
// Timestamp is the local time when the message was created
// by the sender
google.protobuf.Timestamp timestamp = 1;
// ChannelId identifies the channel this message is bound for
string channel_id = 2;
// Nonce is a sufficientley long random value
// used to ensure the request has enough entropy.
bytes nonce = 3;
// Creator of the message.
// Typically, a marshaled msp.SerializedIdentity
bytes creator = 4;
// Command describes the type of operation that a client is requesting.
message Command {
// Header is the header of this command
Header header = 1;
// Payload is the payload of this command. It can assume one of the following value
oneof payload {
ImportRequest import_request = 2;
// SignedCommand is a command that carries the signature of the command's creator.
message SignedCommand {
// Command is the serialised version of a Command message
bytes command = 1;
// Signature is the signature over command
bytes signature = 2;
message CommandResponseHeader {
// Timestamp is the time that the message
// was created as defined by the sender
google.protobuf.Timestamp timestamp = 1;
// CommandHash is the hash computed on the concatenation of the SignedCommand's command and signature fields.
// If not specified differently, SHA256 is used
// The hash is used to link a response with its request, both for bookeeping purposes on an
// asynchronous system and for security reasons (accountability, non-repudiation)
bytes command_hash = 2;
// Creator is the identity of the party creating this message
bytes creator = 3;
// Error reports an applicaton error
message Error {
// Message associated with this response.
string message = 1;
// Payload that can be used to include metadata with this response.
bytes payload = 2;
// A CommnandResponse is returned from a prover to the command submitter.
message CommandResponse {
// Header of the response.
CommandResponseHeader header = 1;
// Payload of the response.
oneof payload {
Error err = 2;
TokenTransaction token_transaction = 3;
// SignedCommandResponse is a signed command response
message SignedCommandResponse {
// Response is the serialised version of a CommandResponse message
bytes response = 1;
// Signature is the signature over command
bytes signature = 2;
// Prover provides support to clients for the creation of FabToken transactions,
// and to query the ledger.
service Prover {
// ProcessCommand processes the passed command ensuring proper access control.
// The returned response allows the client to understand if the
// operation was succeffully executed and if not, the response
// reports the reason of the failure.
rpc ProcessCommand(SignedCommand) returns (SignedCommandResponse) {}
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