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[FAB-11719] Better Markup of Document

FAB-11719 #done

The first paragraph of "Building Your First Network" of section of the
document is markuped as follows:

    The ``configtxgen tool`` is ...

It is better to be markuped as follows since only a name of
file/command is quoted in other part of the document page.

    The ``configtxgen`` tool is ...

This patch updates the markup as above.

Change-Id: I73410da896cfea6e4743a72e0b78a623edf869b8
Signed-off-by: default avatarYuta Namiki <>
parent 65f1c74b
......@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@ saved to a folder titled ``crypto-config``.
Configuration Transaction Generator
The ``configtxgen tool`` is used to create four configuration artifacts:
The ``configtxgen`` tool is used to create four configuration artifacts:
* orderer ``genesis block``,
* channel ``configuration transaction``,
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