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[FAB-14010] Integration test- remove OSN from cluster

This change set adds an integration test that removes an OSN
from an application channel and system channel and ensures
that the OSN gracefully shuts down for these channels.

Change-Id: Idcdad8083f5881c6194185ad5f623c9c64323a02
Signed-off-by: default avataryacovm <yacovm@il.ibm.com>
parent 577301d9
......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@ var _ = Describe("EndToEnd reconfiguration and onboarding", func() {
BeforeEach(func() {
ordererRunners = nil
ordererProcesses = nil
peerProcesses = nil
var err error
testDir, err = ioutil.TempDir("", "e2e-etcfraft_reconfig")
......@@ -345,8 +349,81 @@ var _ = Describe("EndToEnd reconfiguration and onboarding", func() {
}, orderers, peer, network)
When("an orderer node is evicted", func() {
It("it does not complain and does it obediently", func() {
network = nwo.New(nwo.MultiNodeEtcdRaft(), testDir, client, 33000, components)
o1, o2, o3 := network.Orderer("orderer1"), network.Orderer("orderer2"), network.Orderer("orderer3")
orderers := []*nwo.Orderer{o1, o2, o3}
peer = network.Peer("Org1", "peer1")
By("Launching the orderers")
for _, o := range orderers {
runner := network.OrdererRunner(o)
ordererRunners = append(ordererRunners, runner)
process := ifrit.Invoke(runner)
ordererProcesses = append(ordererProcesses, process)
for _, ordererProc := range ordererProcesses {
By("Waiting for them to elect a leader")
By("Creating a channel")
network.CreateChannel("testchannel", network.Orderers[0], peer)
By("Waiting for the channel to be serviced")
"testchannel": 0,
}, orderers, peer, network)
By("Removing the first orderer from both system channel and application channel")
certificatesOfOrderers := refreshOrdererPEMs(network)
for _, channelName := range []string{"systemchannel", "testchannel"} {
nwo.RemoveConsenter(network, peer, network.Orderers[1], channelName, certificatesOfOrderers[0].oldCert)
By("Ensuring the other orderers disconnect from the evicted orderer")
Eventually(ordererRunners[1].Err(), time.Minute, time.Second).Should(gbytes.Say("Aborted connection to 1"))
Eventually(ordererRunners[2].Err(), time.Minute, time.Second).Should(gbytes.Say("Aborted connection to 1"))
By("Ensuring the evicted orderer stops rafting")
Eventually(ordererRunners[0].Err(), time.Minute, time.Second).Should(gbytes.Say("Raft node stopped channel=systemchannel"))
Eventually(ordererRunners[0].Err(), time.Minute, time.Second).Should(gbytes.Say("Raft node stopped channel=testchannel"))
By("Ensuring the evicted orderer now doesn't serve clients")
ensureEvicted(orderers[0], peer, network, "systemchannel")
ensureEvicted(orderers[0], peer, network, "testchannel")
By("Ensuring that all orderers don't log errors to the log")
func ensureEvicted(evictedOrderer *nwo.Orderer, submitter *nwo.Peer, network *nwo.Network, channel string) {
c := commands.ChannelFetch{
ChannelID: channel,
Block: "newest",
OutputFile: "/dev/null",
Orderer: network.OrdererAddress(evictedOrderer, nwo.ListenPort),
sess, err := network.OrdererAdminSession(evictedOrderer, submitter, c)
Eventually(sess, network.EventuallyTimeout).Should(gexec.Exit())
var extendedCryptoConfig = `---
- Name: OrdererOrg
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