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Merge "[FAB-11701] Prover Peer proto (with import request)"

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Copyright IBM Corp. All Rights Reserved.
SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
syntax = "proto3";
option go_package = "";
option java_package = "org.hyperledger.fabric.protos.token";
package protos;
import "google/protobuf/timestamp.proto";
import "token/transaction.proto";
// TokenToIssue describes a token to be issued in the system
message TokenToIssue {
// Recipient refers to the owner of the token to be issued
bytes recipient = 1;
// Type refers to the token type
string type = 2;
// Quantity refers to the number of token units to be issued
uint64 quantity = 3;
// ImportRequest is used to request creation of imports
message ImportRequest {
// Credential contains information about the party who is requesting the operation
// the content of this field depends on the charateristic of the token manager system used.
bytes credential = 1;
// TokenToIssue contains the information about the tokens to be issued
repeated TokenToIssue tokens_to_issue = 2;
// Header is a generic replay prevention and identity message to include in a signed command
message Header {
// Timestamp is the local time when the message was created
// by the sender
google.protobuf.Timestamp timestamp = 1;
// ChannelId identifies the channel this message is bound for
string channel_id = 2;
// Nonce is a sufficientley long random value
// used to ensure the request has enough entropy.
bytes nonce = 3;
// Creator of the message.
// Typically, a marshaled msp.SerializedIdentity
bytes creator = 4;
// Command describes the type of operation that a client is requesting.
message Command {
// Header is the header of this command
Header header = 1;
// Payload is the payload of this command. It can assume one of the following value
oneof payload {
ImportRequest import_request = 2;
// SignedCommand is a command that carries the signature of the command's creator.
message SignedCommand {
// Command is the serialised version of a Command message
bytes command = 1;
// Signature is the signature over command
bytes signature = 2;
message CommandResponseHeader {
// Timestamp is the time that the message
// was created as defined by the sender
google.protobuf.Timestamp timestamp = 1;
// CommandHash is the hash computed on the concatenation of the SignedCommand's command and signature fields.
// If not specified differently, SHA256 is used
// The hash is used to link a response with its request, both for bookeeping purposes on an
// asynchronous system and for security reasons (accountability, non-repudiation)
bytes command_hash = 2;
// Creator is the identity of the party creating this message
bytes creator = 3;
// Error reports an applicaton error
message Error {
// Message associated with this response.
string message = 1;
// Payload that can be used to include metadata with this response.
bytes payload = 2;
// A CommnandResponse is returned from a prover to the command submitter.
message CommandResponse {
// Header of the response.
CommandResponseHeader header = 1;
// Payload of the response.
oneof payload {
Error err = 2;
TokenTransaction token_transaction = 3;
// SignedCommandResponse is a signed command response
message SignedCommandResponse {
// Response is the serialised version of a CommandResponse message
bytes response = 1;
// Signature is the signature over command
bytes signature = 2;
// Prover provides support to clients for the creation of FabToken transactions,
// and to query the ledger.
service Prover {
// ProcessCommand processes the passed command ensuring proper access control.
// The returned response allows the client to understand if the
// operation was succeffully executed and if not, the response
// reports the reason of the failure.
rpc ProcessCommand(SignedCommand) returns (SignedCommandResponse) {}
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