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FAB-3928 update release notes for v1.0.0-alpha2

also update changelog

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Release Notes
`v1.0.0-alpha2 <>`__
The second alpha release of the v1.0.0 Hyperledger Fabric project. The code is
now feature complete. From now until the v1.0.0 release, the community is
focused on documentation improvements, testing, hardening, bug fixing and
tooling. We will be releasing successive release candidates periodically as
the release firms up.
`Change Log <>`__
`v1.0.0-alpha <>`__
March 16, 2017
Key enhancements:
The first alpha release of the v1.0.0 Hyperledger Fabric project. The code is
being made available to developers to begin exploring the v1.0 architecture.
- 3b6c70d FAB-1128 further cleanup of protos
- 3ac1bd3 FAB-1129 Add cc return value to proposal response
- b95adc8 Introduce two new message for gossip proto
- 9bd29d3 Add tests to static bootstrap helper
- 2f7153f BCCSP ECDSA/RSA/X509 public/private key import
- cb9a29b [FAB-996] Introduce orderer/commons/util package
- b3b4e54 [FAB-773] gossip state transfer, block re-ordering
- 742443e FAB-872 Multichannel support: message extension
- 5f98d54 Integration of MSP in endorser
- 60706a7 [FAB-1094] util to parse config tx blocks
- 445fbdb Added support for advance KV-queries
- 4a6b894 Change how chaintool executes
- c1e6fb4 [FAB-1161] Push genesis block upon orderer init
- 55fd4c4 BCCSP Generalized Key Import
- 5f08c25 Gossip integration auxilary
- 21a4c6a FAB-1128 finalize protos - remove discovery and devops
- 73c501c [FAB-798] Abstract out the solo broadcast handler
- 1b5d378 [FAB-798] Abstract out the solo deliver handler
- b7908a3 [FAB-798] Factor common gRPC components from solo
- a2b9b2e [FAB-798] Factor out block cutting logic
- 6b58537 [FAB-421] Add multi-chain support to rawledger
- 68aef4e Removing primitives package dependency from BCCSP
- 16fa08e TX proposal/endorsement/validation flow (+MSP)
- f6d1be2 [FAB-1190] Make Rawledger accept metadata
- 2013daa BCCSP KeyStore
- 2830cfb [FAB-884] implement basic query cli
- b1ecf80 FAB-1192 timer should be reset each pop
- a8af1e9 Hook multichain manager into main path
- 28f16aa [FAB-931] Add multi-broker Kafka orderer environments
- 6856308 Suppress logging output of the peer during unit-tests
- e9f9806 Remove rocksdb dependency
- 3731447 FAB-1087 Add config option in core.yaml for history
- 80140c9 Allow deploying Java chaincode from remote git repo
- eba912b Add interactive asset management demo
- 9baa4eb Add common CLI function to get a server admin client
- 0183483 FAB-1291: Couch support for doing a savepoint.
- 96637cf Rework of MSP (config and factories)
- ebb3cb9 Enable block event generation
- 9662335 Ledger API to retrieve last block
- 1f4b004 Refactor MSP package and msp config w/o json
- f97b321 FAB-1020 Configuration system chaincode
- b6ab3f8 Upgrade to golang 1.7 in travis ci
- 8417c0e [FAB-1288]: Expose gossip API for cscc.
- 2ebd342 FAB-1172 - Advanced simulation functions for CouchDB
- 746b873 [FAB-814] Introduce ChainCreators orderer config
- d18aa98 FAB-1140 Ledger History Database framework
- 783e7d0 FAB-1020 Configuration system chaincode
- 458c521 FAB-1336 Add new ledger blockstorage index.
- 6444545 MSP mgr instantiation from Block
- 79aa4df [FAB-1384]: Change ValidatedLedger APIs
- 0b162ca PKCS11/MSH compatible BCCSP SKI gen
- 0567b34 FAB-1395 - Generic query API for CouchDB
- 6c45ffa FAB-1259 Create Basic Common GRPC Server
- 8d53e6d FAB-1018 MultiChannel API fabric<-->gossip
- d39194c Added support for TLS in java shim
- a9ae6e7 Upgrade golang 1.6 to 1.7 in chaincode examples
- 2ae4ed3 [FAB-872] Gossip multi-channel: channel
- fdf2f7a [FAB-872] Gossip multiChannel support
- 7b0aef8 FAB-1257 Removal of Table API
- 457bb90 FAB-1166 Gossip leader election
- c14896a Ledger query APIs
- 4b2947c [FAB-1500] Recovery of history database
- d58d51b [FAB-1390] Refactor ledger interface names
- 0377199 [FAB-187] - using policies in VSCC
- c65e40e FAB-829: App library for access control/App. MSP
- a0898e6 [FAB-1648] Install SoftHSM for testing PKCS11 CSP
- 4916ac4 [FAB-1648] Vendor PKCS11 bindings
- d5467f3 [FAB-204] Expose ledger rich query API to chaincode
- 0a94993 [FAB-1858] Provide gossip with channel config
- 9ca80f1 [FAB-1885] GetTransactionByID to return Tran Envelope
- 1bd5b2b [FAB-1790, FAB-1791] Chaincode calling chaincode
- 25c888d [FAB-1700] Determinsitic BlockData hashing
- 4c9bec7 [FAB-1809] Enable tls config for Kafka connection
- d1e939f [FAB-1956] Automatically generate orderer template
- c0ce696 [FAB-2125] Finalize v1 chaincode API names
- 32b772c [FAB-2169] Dynamically generate genesis material
- ca02c60 [FAB-2122] Scan codepackage for illegal content
- a971b0f [FAB-2319] Implement hierarchical policies storage
- 8e2563d Use a minimal container for GOLANG/CAR chaincode
- 29954d6 Orderer Traffic Engine (OTE) FAB-1805
- 458328b Chaincode API Enhancement
- 589efc6 [FAB-1558] - Revocation support in MSP
- cec4b5c Replace Shake with SHA
- 2fc6bc6 [FAB-2080] - peer enforces ACLs on proposals
- 3e0481b [FAB-2087] - support for admin policy principals
- 9fe8c60 [FAB-1934] admin validation for chain-scoped syscc
- 4013cb6 [FAB-2432] Encode anchor peers from configtx.yaml
- 81cd41b FAB-1438: Add up, down, scale to compose util
- ff8b3e4 [FAB-2206]Make gossip discovery configurable
- fc62148 FAB2044: Allow OUs to be contained in MSP description
- 306aa7d Add query to get instantiated chaincodes on a channel
- 151a9a6 Converge deployment spec validation
- f8a8ddd Upgrade to chaincode v0.10.3
- b7b5c4e [FAB-2198] Gossip envelope refactoring
- 4246971 Prevent CLI to connect to ordering service on join.
- be91ccc [FAB-2545] Add tool to create various crypto configs
- 29ea124 Change project status from Incubation to Active (again)
- 5f4b99a [FAB-2503] CLI based End-to-End flow test verification
- 5ca0611 Add ability to customize chaincode container log format
- ba68129 FAB-2671 e2e_cli to use OrdererMSP consistently
- 6a81ec1 [FAB-2632] Default endorsement policy
- 88cb6cc [FAB-2691] Improve Bcst/Dlvr log serviceability
- 1f49bfb [FAB-2714] Enable peer to start with TLS enabled
- 3ad3e43 [FAB-2710] Gossip: Log WARN upon bad network config
- a3e3940 [FAB-2696] Default chain broken in peer
- 124cd2d [FAB-1141] Updating TLS and gossip leader conf
- 626fcd3 Add Channel information to block-listener
- 3169234 FAB-2081 allow user CC to call system CC
- f8a49c0 [FAB-2745] Update e2e_cli to work with TLS
- 844fe2d [FAB-2773] Restrict the total count of channels
- 0308f0f [FAB-1141] Enabling TLS in bootstrap feature
- 0f38dc1 [FAB-2565] Example docker-compose with CouchDB
- fa3d88c Release 1.0.0-alpha
`Change Log <>`__
`v0.6-preview <>`__
September 16, 2016
......@@ -126,41 +25,10 @@ September 16, 2016
A developer preview release of the Hyperledger Fabric intended to
exercise the release logistics and stabilize a set of capabilities for
developers to try out. This will be the last release under the original
architecture. All subsequent releases will deliver on the `v1.0
architecture <TODO>`__.
Key enhancements:
architecture. All subsequent releases will deliver on the v1.0
- 8de58ed - NodeSDK doc changes -- FAB-146
- 62d866d - Add flow control to SYNC\_STATE\_SNAPSHOT
- 4d97069 - Adding TLS changes to SDK
- e9d3ac2 - Node-SDK: add support for fabric events(block, chaincode,
- 7ed9533 - Allow deploying Java chaincode from remote git repositories
- 4bf9b93 - Move Docker-Compose files into their own folder
- ce9fcdc - Print ChaincodeName when deploy with CLI
- 4fa1360 - Upgrade go protobuf from 3-beta to 3
- 4b13232 - Table implementation in java shim with example
- df741bc - Add support for dynamically registering a user with
- 4203ea8 - Check for duplicates when adding peers to the chain
- 518f3c9 - Update docker openjdk image
- 47053cd - Add GetTxID function to Stub interface (FAB-306)
- ac182fa - Remove deprecated devops REST API
- ad4645d - Support hyperledger fabric build on ppc64le platform
- 21a4a8a - SDK now properly adding a peer with an invalid URL
- 1d8114f - Fix setting of watermark on restore from crash
- a98c59a - Upgrade go protobuff from 3-beta to 3
- 937039c - DEVENV: Provide strong feedback when provisioning fails
- d74b1c5 - Make pbft broadcast timeout configurable
- 97ed71f - Java shim/chaincode project reorg, separate java docker env
- a76dd3d - Start container with HostConfig was deprecated since v1.10
and removed since v1.12
- 8b63a26 - Add ability to unregister for events
- 3f5b2fa - Add automatic peer command detection
- 6daedfd - Re-enable sending of chaincode events
- b39c93a - Update Cobra and pflag vendor libraries
- dad7a9d - Reassign port numbers to 7050-7060 range
`Change Log <>`__
`v0.5-developer-preview <>`__
June 17, 2016
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